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We are a Federation fleet

Starbase 805: "Genesis," a Starfleet embassy constructed in Kuvarian space, is a diplomatic station that plans to secure an alliance with the Kuvarian government in a largely unexplored territory.

Kuvarians are a people who have only recently been introduced to the Federation, a government which is hesitant to open itself too swiftly to outsiders; they gave their approval to commence the construction of the project at the insistence of one of the first Kuvarian Starfleet officers, Commander Levuran.

As a Federation Starbase, it has already managed to set itself as the primary trade hub in the Gamma Psi Block. Going out of its way to introduce positive alien influences to the Kuvarian people, it performs routine patrols and secures trade routes from hostile forces.

What can I expect if I join Starbase Genesis?

* Plot line driven roleplay
* Immersive atmosphere attempting to recapture the spirit of the shows
* Advance your rank in character
* Character development
* Experienced leadership which comes from a variety of MMORPG's
* Exploration and military based roleplay, an unexplored sector with interesting characters and planets
* A constantly changing Starbase based on the story and its interaction with the Kuvarian people.

How do I join and what do you expect from me?

* We expect you to be active and interact with the rest of your crew on a regular basis.
* We expect you understand the basics of roleplay, we can teach you the rest if you're willing to listen.
* We expect you to keep in character and out of character seperated.
* We have no standard application process, it'll probably be an informal short out of character talk, then an in character interview.
* We accept civilian characters who want to roleplay bartenders or just maintenance staff
* Applications vary and so does the joining process, if you have a unique character feel free to be creative.


Starbase Genesis has been created for an immersive atmosphere, one that constantly changes and adapts based on the story and plot lines that take place; players can either take command of their own ship and actively recruit for it or serve as the crew under someone else's command.

We also have room for atmospheric characters such as traders, smugglers, chefs, bartenders and generic roles that need to be filled, if you have a unique concept feel free to run it by us.

If you want to know anything in specific, please send a message to one of our contacts in game.

If you'd like to know more about Kuforia and the setting, here's a link for your convenience.


* Kuforia's wikipedia article is still undergoing development and subject to change.


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How often are RP events run and when are the 'active' periods where one can be IC during the weekends?

The above question is a bit... blunt, but the rest of the "RP" guilds I've tried never had any RP in them, ever.
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Events, roleplay and how often it happens is entirely up to the captain of the ship, the ship you're playing on or commanding and the people that have been recruited. Starbase Genesis is the center of all the story, each ship has its own plot that develops around a larger one.

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We're back and actively recruiting again, spent the past week or so getting everything set up and progressing the story.
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I would like to say I am interested in learning about your group. I am @aukuse in game, I looked for the two handles you provided but I couldn't find anyone, hopefully we can talk soon!
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06-22-2013, 02:23 PM
I'd also like to learn more about what you're doing. I am @Sbutler373.

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