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# 1 I Love my Chimaera!
10-15-2012, 07:20 PM
I was F2P until they gave me a reason to do the lifetime subscription. I didn't get all the extra slots my BF has on his pay account, and I get those. and all the veteran rewards!

and i get a borg character if I want!

but back to my lovely Chimaera... what a ship! i have not even played with the console, but a CDR tac, lt engy and sci, a Uni LCDR and ens... what's not to love? Do I make it a OMG what a choice for tactical abilities? do i may her survivable as heck with a engineer LCDR and LT?

Shield tank with a LCDR Sci and LT? how about a Escort with gravity well and Feedback pulse???

so wave hi to the giddy girl in the snow white destroyer!
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# 2
10-15-2012, 08:14 PM
Originally Posted by annemarie30 View Post
so wave hi to the giddy girl in the snow white destroyer!
*waves hi* :)

Hope to join you in the ranks of Chimera awesomeness soon myself!

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10-16-2012, 12:15 AM
I wouldn't have minded a universal Commander slot so that it can be made into a sci-ship aswell as a tac-ship. I am not going to run it on my sci toon because I want to be able to utilize all of my science skills. It is a mix between an escort and a cruiser, but it will only be flown like an escort(I guess) due to the tac commander slot.

I will run it on my tac toon though, with ltcmdr science to get that sweet GW action, unbeatable in stf's

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