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The Wildcards are an active fleet of players who love to help each other and have fun doing it!
We may not be the greatest players and we sure aren't pretty to look at, but when we get together, and accomplish our missions, you will wish to be with us and to join!
If you play Star Trek Online and want to join a growing fleet of people who love the game, send us a message, we would love to have you!
We have:
1. A structured guideline for promotions within the fleet.
2. Quarterly fleet marathons where we all try to be online for 12 hours straight!
3. Free items are given away to fleet members who have been a member for a specific length of time.
4. Commodores with a no-drama policy. If a problem occurs, Commodores and First Admirals can be reached by phone or Facebook to handle things before they escalate.
5. We are re-working our website to be more comprehensive, and we have a Facebook page ( that has a ton of Notes written for new members and new players with a mass of helpful information.
6. First Admirals who specialize in training players for missions, for in-game, and to help you find the best set-up for your character and ship.
7. Our most important rule is: Have fun!
If our fleet sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please LIKE our Facebook page and leave a message so we can reach you or you can reach one of our Fleet Founders in-game: merlyn@murcray or Flynn@MDFanning
We even have a "sister" fleet on the Klingon side called: The Kal'enedral (which means Sword Sworn). Feel free to join them as well!
We look forward to helping anyone who needs it and are open to Fleet Alliances!
See you in-game!

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