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# 1 Story telling by a fireplace
10-21-2012, 11:22 PM

this picture is of the House of Beautiful orion girls having a story telling get together at the starbase bloodwine pool.

Beautiful House of Orion girls are recruiting. We have a starbase level 12 with 9,000 XP Tier 4 (101,000 Military) and(81,000 engineering) we offer the most advanced KDF base. We don?t need builders we want companions, msg. me for an invite. Beautiful House of Orion girls are recruiting we are fun loving, hardworking girls who love to take it off and have relax every once in a while. Pvp, pve, stf?s and mark missions pm for invite. Why struggle in a small fleet when we make base building easy. Orion girls message me.

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