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i know it might be alot and i might get alot of criticism on this.

you think it could be possible to tie in the stf normal and elite stf with the rep system

like a player must reach tier 3 of the rep system to unlock elite stf
instead of having it set to unlock when you reach level 44.
and forcing noob players to stick with the normal stf and learn it.

just a thought.

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10-24-2012, 01:15 PM
Gating Elite STFs won't change anything. It only takes a player about 9 days to reach Tier III. While it will force some players to use normals for a start, ultimately it will have a very minimal effect on the problem. The only real effect it will have will be on players with multiple characters. Such a gating system would at the very least irritate them.
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10-24-2012, 01:55 PM
guess you can think about it this way,

9 days of boot camp, it might be irritating but the goal in mind will be worth it.

i've played for a few months now and realize alot of people skip the normal and go straight to elite with out any proper knowledge or gear.

but its just a thought,

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