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Federation Emergency Services (FES)

FES is a PvP fleet, extremely good at ground PvP and beginning to approach the level of the top space PvP fleets.

This is a PvP fleet / training school. It's not cookie cutter. It's what you want to be, made to be effective. Don't be arrogant, be intrigued. Don't be selfish, be helpful. Don't be cocky, just enjoy the game. Respect the ranks, and you'll get where you want to be. If you think you're good to go, show us what you've got.

We welcome anyone interested in PvP, whether you just started playing the game, or are an expert. We only ask for four things things:

Interest in PvP. You might be a PvPer already. It might be an eventual goal, or something you're not sure you'll like, but want to give a serious try. That's fine. Just, if you have no interest in PvP at all, you probably shouldn't join a PvP fleet.

Willingness to learn, willingness to teach. There is no such thing as someone too new to teach, and there is no such thing as an expert who cannot learn more. One important aspect of this fleet is that we share everything we know.

Commitment. Our fleet will devote a huge amount of effort to teaching and preparing you for pvp. We will powerlevel you, run STFs with you to get you your PvP gear, spend hours of our time teaching you and helping you with your builds. In return, we ask that you take us as a fleet for the long haul. If you end up finding that we really aren't for you, of course you are welcome to leave. But we ask that you join us with the intent of staying around.

Don't be a jerk. We ask that you refrain from talking trash, that you try to avoid spawncamping weaker opponents, and especially that you don't whine or gloat. Phaser your opponent's face off by any means necessary, but don't desecrate his corpse.

Starbase information:
Tier 3 Military, Science, and Engineering. Tier 3 Starbase. Tier 2 Diplomacy. Tier 3 Recruitment. Level 12 fleet. Currently working on Military Tier 4, Embassy Tier 3.

How to join:

Fast way:
In game, go to the social window (default: ctrl+O) and select the Fleet tab. Search for Federation Emergency Services. Select the fleet and click the Details button on the bottom left. This will give you a list of people online who have invite permission. In general, you want someone with a rank of Battle Captain, Commodore, Fleet Marshall or Quartermaster.

Slow way:
You can also send me and pug02 a PM in the forums, with your @handle, and ask us to contact you, or respond to this post with the same information.

If you have any questions, feel free to post your question here and someone will get back to you.

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