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# 1 Looking for a good home...
10-25-2012, 07:46 AM
Long time player (from closed Beta) with numerous Fed and Klingon toons looking for a fleet to call home.

I'm UK based so a UK based fleet or a healthy UK contingent would be really good.

What I'm interested in:
1) STFs.
2) Having fun without a bunch of drama queens harping on.
3) Duty officers. I love my collections of minions running round doing all the odd jobs for me.
4) A fleet which is organised and does stuff together, seeing an empty events tab is a real big turn off.
5) Story line content.
6) Light RP.

What would be good
1) A tier 4 Starbase Fed side
2) A tier 3 Starbase KDF side, I do so like the look of the Fleet Corsair.

What I can offer:
1) VA toons of all 3 classes both Fed and KDF.
2) Several thousand STFs under my belt.
3 A steady, if not epic, stream of resources with nearly 2k Fleet Marks on one KDF toon (just from doing the foundry daily).
4) Tier 5 in all 11 DOFF catergories on my main so easy access to tons more FMs.

I'm currently in a fleet but the lack of organisation and lack of people on during my play times is a bit depressing. It's somewhat telling when I'd prefer to do an STF from the EliteSTF channel than with the fleet.

Hope there's a fleet out there which can help me.
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# 2
10-25-2012, 01:44 PM
You might think about the TOS Veterans if you are over 30 years old. We have a good UK base and we have a number of North Americans that play all the time. We seem to all that you are looking for and a little bit more. We are a social fleet first but we have good groups of talented players.

Check out our website at and for our Klingon fleet.
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