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EY there people.

i had a recent fall out with my former fleet, although i can go back i`m first going to check what else is out there.

as the titel states, i`m in search of a elite group.
people that want to be the best, do the best, and find the best ways to do pvp/pve

that have rules like:

1. everyone must be able to listen on teamspeak
2. when longer offline then 2 months auto kick *with exception when noted in front of course*
3. having only active players a leadership role.

so basicly what every other game in the world asks from his members is missing in this game.

so ya i`m looking for such a fleet, or will be making one myself.

so just let me know


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10-29-2012, 10:48 AM
this is what i tried to get out of my former fleet, basicly a template of what i tried to create

Good Day everyone.
Welcome the ****-EG *Elite Group*

to make it easy:
1. to tackle every single elite pve map there is within 15 minutes time
2. to get more out of the FM`s then anyone else.
3. to become known throughout the STO universe to be one of the best.

How to get this done?

1. Teamspeak users only *listening in is fine*
2. Team Captains, *giving the orders and making his team work*
3. Rethinking and balancing ship choices in the team
4. Setting up the correct doff`s, boffs and fittings.

we will have a membership,
you need to be a comondor the apply for this within the fleet.
Willing to keep a eye on the new tactics, follow discussions, and such
Willing to be frequetly online during the later GMT hours, (1600 to 0100 GMT)
Willing to spend some hard earned cash to help out where possible.

if you have questions let me know. contact me on teamspeak or ingame mail.

Idea`s, are always welcome!

greetings ****-EG Admiral
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10-31-2012, 04:55 AM
Stil searchin for closely like minded people

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