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Protecting the colonies on the furthest, most vulnerable edges of Federation space, the Federation Colonial Militia is a force of independent Captains who protect the interests of the UFP in their own style.

Launched with Season 6, the Federation Colonial Militia is a small young fleet looking to grow. We're looking for self-motivated players who want to contribute in their own ways at their own pace. This casual fleet is interested in expanding its numbers to increase social events and starbase progress. We're looking to start doing more fleet STFs and events, but if solo is more your style, feel free to remain independent and just contribute what you can when you want.

If you'd like to join a no-pressue, fair, fun, casual fleet that you can really be involved in the development of: The Federation Colonial Militia is right for you!

PM me or send me an ingame mail at @DTums if you're interested!

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