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This is a thread in which you can make your own log for your Captain's and/or crew members. This thread is popular on multiple Fleet sites and is well used. Usually I'd start off the thread with a log of my own but I'm going to try something different. I want others to start off the thread. You can use current stardate which can be found on certain sites for calculating stardates or you can use current date for logs (Example: 10123.0 or 30121.0) just be sure to have a date. You can also use current date like it would normally be written.

These logs can be about in-game experiences or things that occured. This thread is not meant for game updates or chat about game updates. Also when making a log be sure to say the name and rank of the Officer making the log.
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This is the first entry for the exploration vessel U.S.S. Quasar Star. Truth be told its the second ship to carry that name, but the first for me in star fleet. The first being three hundred and twenty seven years ago, that was a trading vessel. And my symbiote was with Mavis Do'Draniri who captained that vessel. Mine is much larger carrying twenty five hundred souls myself included. Space dock is just finishing installing the polaron beam arrays i requested and the M.A.C.O. deflector dish and engine from my last ship the U.S.S. Praetorian. She was a fine ship, hopefully her next captain will do her justice. I wont prattle on long, quick letter home to my parents. A last minute meeting with my department heads before the shake down cruise. And then open the throttle and see how fast I can get to DS9 for a conference I was requested to attend... I've seen these slip stream drives in action when the Enterprise launched earlier this year, I an so going to beat her speed records. *ahem* Anyway, once the engine is installed and the destoyer is connected to the aft docking array. I'm told it wont take more then a couple of minutes. Oh! I need to remember to find a map of the ship, I keep getting lost and hate to ask the computer for directions.

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