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In the wake of the Dominion War, alliances slowly crumbled, the peace that was so valiantly fought for dissolved. In 2387, the Hobus star became a Super-Nova, unleashing devastation of the like unseen by sentient eyes for millennia. In the path of that fiery devastation was the planet Romulus, the capital of the Romulan Star Empire, one of three great super powers in the Alpha Quadrant.

Through the stalwart bravery of one Federation Ambassador, the galaxy was saved? but Romulus was destroyed. In the wake of this breath taking disaster, the United Federation of Planets mobilized in the largest humanitarian aid and relief operation in known history. An opportunity for a lasting peace through charity was at hand.

However, political maneuvering in the Klingon Empire set forward a series of events which would spiral the entire Quadrant into war. Slaying Chancellor Martok in ritual combat, the new Chancellor J'mpok rallied the Klingon people to war against the Gorn and their allies, beginning a chain of events that would alter the landscape of the Quadrant forever. Withdrawing from the Khitomer Accords peace treaty with the Federation, J'mpok warned the Federation out of the Archanis sector. War was on the horizon.

To safeguard Federation interests in the region, Starfleet commissioned Starbase 381- Praetorian, home to the 26th Fleet.

The 26ths mission is to engage in tactical and military operations in the Eta Eridani Sector Block, provide security for Federation and Starfleet assets and carry on the diplomatic and scientific missions that have been the mainstay of Starfleet since its inception.

Appointed command of the 26th, was Vice Admiral Kalus Rez, who had previously served as commander of the 3rd Fleet. His experience on the front lines as Captain of the USS Wyvern during the Dominion War had forged him into a strong, capable leader, and set him apart from his post war peers. His reputation for his willingness and capability to take on difficult--sometimes impossible?assignments made him the logical choice.

Situated on the edge of the nefarious Sea of Sorrows, an area rife with naturally occurring gravitic anomalies, Praetorian stands a beacon of hope and safety to the Federation colonies within the station?s theater of operations. Praetorian?s task force stands guard against KDF incursions, and hunts for the pirates and raiders which have made the sea their home, and the colonies their prey..

About the 26th Fleet

The 26th Fleet is an RP guild, focusing primarily on the telling of stories in the Star Trek Prime Universe, and using the in game mechanics to facilitate that purpose. Our cannon, for those who are curious is told through over forty years of Star Trek Television Series and movies, specifically Star Trek: The Motion Picture, to Star Trek: Nemesis. We are a multinational guild spread over an array of time zones. However, a majority of our members are in the United States, and United Kingdom.

As of this writing, we are fast approaching a Tier 3 Starbase, as dictated by the in character actions of our fleet members. None of this is to say however that we don't enjoy the in game STFs and assorted other actionable content in the game. Stay tuned for exciting updates from the 26th Fleet!

Hunter@highwire - Guild Leader
Corris@sprint01 - First Officer
Bishop@grifter.treysik - Ops Manager
Rhys@Juroden - Personnel Officer

This thread is to replace two older out of date postings with more recent and up-to-date information.

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Thanks for cleaning up our old threads, and posting this new one!

-Admiral Hunter
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And what better way to start off a new thread, then with a list of 26th Fleet inspired Foundry missions?

By Brysan:

Captains Table Brysan
Based on the 'Captain's Table' concept of short stories, the author asks for your feedback!

By Praka:

26th Fleet - Boarded by Klingons
- Adapted from an RP mission I ran last year, you start off on a bridge with Starfleet and Klingon NPC's having a wonderful firefight! This mission is good for RP, and you can now actually transition from the bridge to Deck 6 to complete the mission!

26th - Sea of Sorrows Ep. 1
- Grab your fighter or shuttle, and try this recon mission out! Lt. Praka is secretly assigned to scout the neutral zone and discovers a significant find!
- WARNING - In a small craft, this is hard. Get your game on =)

26th - Sea of Sorrows Ep. 2
- It is time to retake the USS North Dakota from the True Way! Strap in, lock and load, because this will test your space and ground combat, and, importantly, your Roleplaying skills!
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Could you elaborate on the context of "mature heavy" ?
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Originally Posted by sonicshower View Post
Could you elaborate on the context of "mature heavy" ?
It doesn't mean ERP, if that helps. The angle we have on mature is this - The Trek stories being told within this fleet are violent and sometimes visceral, as is fitting the wartime setting. Characters might develop attachments IC to other characters - that's fine as we love to character development. What people choose to do behind closed doors isn't really subject matter we RP or put on screen, if that makes sense?

A good number of the players in the fleet are mature adults as well, therefore we're trying to set the tone for recruitment - Ideally Mature means people talk to each other openly, honestly to avoid the dreaded drama llama showing up. We totally good off on our OOC channels, don't get me wrong... even with a bunch of us in our 30's or 40's 'mature' doesn't always apply when fun is concerned. Mature, hopefully, also means that making other players' enjoyment is a priority to you, as much as your own.

Heavy RP - We RP in spatial all the time. We RP on our Fleet channel requesting docking instructions. We don't simulate the strictest military regulations, but we feel we simulate the ideals of Starfleet and the Federation. We do have regular uniform inspections. We do RP through STF's, Fleet events and other content in the vast majority of cases. We do use the Foundry to make story telling platforms that would be terrible for grinding dailies, but perfect for a GM to use to deliver an evenings worth of content.

In summary...

Mature means a) Hard hitting stories you might not have seen on TV in the 90's. b) experienced players who have a kind of professionalism and camaraderie that reduces ooc drama issues.

Heavy RP means - RPing darn near everywhere all the time. In-Character Actions have In-Character Consequences. (ICA=ICC)

Does that help?

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how many active members do you have and which timezone are you mainly based in?

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I've just submitted an application on your enjin forums; I didn't see this notice until afterwards!

My bad ;-)

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