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Was just on Tribble and noticed I kept getting spikes of +x to all power. After testing it turns out heavy plasma torpdeos when fired give a short boost at +50 to all power every single time. Something else I cannot pinpoint is giving me smaller +x boosts to all power.

Torpedo spread and normal Torpedo firing did not seem to do anything. Is this a bug or unannounced bonus to heavy torpedoes? Not that it does much as torpedo spread is still way better than heavy torpedoes even with the Reman set.

EDIT: That something else turns out to be mines give +50 to all power. Still not found what gives the small x to all power.
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11-03-2012, 03:59 AM
I think this is a known bug, anything that spawns/creates a targetable entity (e.g. mines, carrier pets) bugs your power levels into the 100s for a few seconds

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