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Who are we?

The 6th Fleet was one of the original fleets from the game launch, that disbanded for a while, but has since been relaunched and is looking to grow its ranks with a diverse set of players with an emphasis on having fun your own way whether that is through active group play or solo play with little badgering from others

What are we looking for?

The refreshed 6th Fleet is actively searching for solo payers and lone wolfs that are looking for a fleet to join to get access to the Starbase Content and the upcoming Embassy content in Season 7 with little required activity aside from actively contributing to Fleet Projects.

How are we different that every other fleet?

The 6th has two Divisions, Tactical and Operations. Tactical contains players that enjoy group missions like STFs and Fleet Defense and PVP. Ops contains players focused on the starbase construction and are generally causal or solo players. Because we have both, even solo players that occasionally want to group up have a team to do so with, but are under no pressure to regularly do so.

What do we have to offer?

We are oh so close to a Tier II starbase (about a week away with the upgrade time) and are rebuilding so are small and have plenty of opportunity to earn fleet credits. We have our own website at with a forum and your own email account and a teamspeak server. We also have various contests for contributions or activity with rewards such as Very Rare DOFFs, master keys, and high end gear planned.

What to expect if you join?

Like mentioned above, you will have little regulations in the OPS Division if you join, plus access to the more active Tactical group should you ever want it. The only restriction we have is a 2 week probationary period once you first join to protect the fleet. Once you contribute to the projects and show yourself in good standing you'll have full access to fleet ships, fleet provisions, and the fleet bank and mail. The only other request is that if you are going to be absent from the game for more than two weeks you just let us know so we know you are still around. That's it!

Come join a well organized, low key fleet and help us build a great Starbase!

If this sounds like a good home for you, we'd love to have you. If interested or have any questions, reply to this post or go to and apply online.
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11-04-2012, 12:26 PM
That sounds very good to me. Looking for another fleet, about to leave the one I'm with.
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11-07-2012, 12:39 AM
in game i am proteus33 my character is a benzite nemed dendark. i had been in a fleet for several months but left be cause no access to base goods except for top 2 leaders . i am very interested in joining you guys
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12-13-2012, 01:51 PM
Hi I would be interested in joining. Let me knowing you guys are still
Looking and who to pm. Thanks

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