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Greetings Captains!

First off, I want to let the GMs/Devs know that this post is not intended to breach any community rules. Please, move this to a more appropriate section of the forums if needed!

I am writing this thread because I have noticed there is a lot of turnover reguarding fleets and their general members. Fleets are a GREAT way to gain friendships and open up a new way to enjoy this fantastic game! With that being said, I have also noticed a lot of players have trouble finding that perfect fleet that they can call home. My hopes is that this thread will provide some insight into what to look for for both the player looking for a fleet, and also the fleet that is recruiting players.

A fleet (guild) is a great way to experience what STO has to offer. Fleets come in many sizes, from small 2-5 member fleets all the way to fleets with several hundred members. These fleets are generally designed around specific game play styles or goals that I will talk about later.

Fleets that are considered small (only a few members) offer unique gaming experiences in themselves. These fleets generally support the entire community working in unison to achieve specific goals. One of the major benefits to belonging in a small fleet, is the personal contact between you and the other fleet members. In these fleets, communication is vital for the fleet to prosper and grow.

The majority of the fleets you will come across in STO are medium sized in reguards to the ammount of members in the fleet. Generally, these fleets will have between 50-100 members. Benefits of these fleets is more support from fleet members, better resources made available to members, and so much more.

Available to members are large fleets. These fleets have several hundred members and are usually the longest lasting fleets within STO. While these fleets are usually fully stocked with credits and items for members, this is where sometimes players can feel neglected. Having so many members can distract from the family atmosphere of some smaller fleets. Now, I DO NOT want to make this part against large fleets. These fleets are awesome in themselves due to, as stated earlier, they have been around for a long time. If you are looking for a well established community of players, then looking for a large fleet may be your option!

Whether you are a small fleet just starting out, or a large fleets that has been around for a couple years, all fleets contain a vital item to the continued prosperity of the fleet: Its resources. Resources is where the community aspect of the fleets REALLY tends to shine. A fully stocked fleet bank is due to the contributions of its members. Also, by effectively handling these resources, you can make sure that your fleet stands out among the hundreds of other fleets. This also includes the fleet Starbases.

One of my favorite aspects recently added to the game is the Fleet Starbases. Similar to the fleet bank/resources, the effectiveness of the starbase is riding on the contributions of its members. In order to advance and upgrade a starbase, it is vital that all of the community works together. In addition, it is nice to have a central hub for community meetings .

Something that should be asked prior to joining a fleet (or right after) is the fleets policies on ranking. I know for me, I can get aggravated when I join a fleet and sit at rank 1 for a month . Some of the things to keep in mind reguarding fleet ranks:
1. What rank are you truly considered a fleet member?
2. What does a member have to do to advance in the fleet ranks.
3. What fleet ranks are considered leadership ranks.
Also a note to fleets: It might help to create a ranking structure that supports fleet advancement. Give fleet members things to work towards. I know that you can't have 100 fleet members at Rank 6 out of 7 , but keep in mind that people like to see their efforts get them things.

Also, reguarding ranks, you do not want to promote members to quickly. Which brings me to -

A big problem within the overall community of fleets within Star Trek Online, is the unfortunate player that might be looking for some easy pickings at resources. I have seen personally and heard on several occasions of a player joining a fleet, nabbing whatever resources they can get their hands on *That other members worked hard to get and contribute* then leave that fleet to look for another unsuspecting fleet. However, their are several options that give fleets the power to regulate this.

Their needs to be a good balance of what each rank earned gets you within the fleet. Something I have seen several new fleets do is work on developing their ranking systems, fleet goals, exc. exc. but not set appropriate settings on who can get what. In the settings tab, fleet leaders can select what each rank gains its member access to. Also, you can fine tune the fleet bank and limit what each rank can wthdraw. I HIGHLY urge fleet leaders to scrutinize these settings. This is the best way to make sure that your members have access to the resources they contribute. And once again, it gives your members stuff to work towards and for.

Another critical aspect that you should consider before joining a fleet is what gameplay style(s) does the fleet cater for. Does the fleet cater to pve, pvp, rp, story missions, exc. exc. If I was into PVP, I probably would not want to join a fleet that was heavy on Role Playing.

Also, for the new players, these are what the PVE, PVP, stands for:
PVE - Player versus everyone - These would be the fleet defense missions, STFs (Special Task Force), exc. Generally, these missions are completed with a group of other players.
PVP - Player versus player - These are instances where you challenge your character OR ship builds against another player.
STORY MISSIONS - Self explanatory. Complete the story arc missions.
RP - Role Playing - Generally where you meet with other players and role play scenarios. You will find that areas like Bajor, Drozana, and even player ships are GREAT places for Role Playing.

A lot of fleets will cater to multiple playing styles.

Keep in mind that this is a VERY short guide into fleets. This is more intended on sort of a tutorial on fleets and give players an understanding of things to look for when they are attempting to find a fleet.

PLEASE, leave comments to make additions, corrections, or simply tell me I don't know what I am talking about .

My fleet, Office of Naval Intelligence, is always looking for members! We are heavy on socialization. We believe that for our fleet to continue to evolve and grow, our members need to socialize with eachother. We hold frequent events for our different members to attend. Some of these events are as follows:
1. Events for members to get together and run some story missions.
3. Community hang out events - We get together on a players ship or our fleet starbase and just hang out.
4. Parties - We hold parties and give out prizes to our fleet members.
5. RP events - We hold annual Role Play sessions for our members interested in Role Playing.

If you are interested in my fleet or just want to chat, please contact me! You can find me online with any of the following toons:

Have a great day/morning/afternoon/evening and I hope your Star Trek Online adventurings are prosperous. I will see out among the stars and Live Long and Prosper.

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