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With the news that the 3 piece Borg + MACO was getting nerfed due to the Borg console being removed, I decided to try "pure" sets. At the same time, I have begun to realize that most regular story missions are insanely easy, and even Elite STFs are not that challenging anymore. So I decided to create dedicated builds for those two play modes. I prefer to fly cruisers most of the time, so:
First, I took my mirror universe assult cruiser (the one with the same tactical abilities as the standard Soveriegn, or Assult Cruiser) out of mothballs and put the three piece Aegis set on it. 6 beam arrays, a Torp in front and wide angle torp from my regent in back. I use this ship for story missions or fleet alert PVE. I know the Aegis set is a little outdated, and the ship is good, but not overwhelming. But that's part of my strategy to give myself a bit more challenge in those missions.

Next, I took my Regent class and put the three piece Borg set on it (minus the console). I then stocked it with all Borg weapons: 6 phaser beams, Borg torp up front, and I swap in the Wide angle torp in the back. This has given me more of a challenge in Elite STFs, because the Borg shield isn't as good.

Now, the only time I'm still going to mix sets is for PVP. My favorite PVP ship is the Fleet Star Cruiser. I'll go with MACO shields, but I can't decide between two piece Aegis for 10% extra defence, or two piece Borg for occational hull heal proc. For now weapons will be 6 Advanced Fleet beam arrays, fleet torp front, wide angle torp in back.
When I have more money (to convert to ec) I might look into [ACC]x3 weapons for my PVP ship.

Thought someone might find this an interesting idea, or at least a good read. Let me know if you think I should use two piece Aegis or two piece Borg +MACO in PVP.
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# 2 That is very good idea
11-12-2012, 08:27 AM
I think that is a very good idea. I have noticed the same difficulty with matching content difficulty with my ships available. I also been doing it when grouping with players that are much lower in rank than myself. Flying my high tier cruiser would make the whole thing less fun. Especially if you enjoy fighting those Klingons for control of the Sirius But yeah, keeping ships and equipment around to make the multiple phases of the game interesting is a great idea.

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