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Now this is just my opinion, but with the recent changes in STFs they made all ground and space STFs obsolete. The only one worth doing is ISE. You can't fail it and it is easy. Taking the dilithium away and special lot gives no one a reason to play the others, except to get the accolades. Season seven has introduced some good content, but it just killed STFs. Why run them? According th Cryptic the average player spend 3.5 hours a day in game. Run ISE three times and you should have enough Omega Marks to keep you on cool downs, in the reputation system.

People played the old ones because they rewarded good dilithium, decent lloot, and did not take that long to run. Also no two STFs were the same. Each time I played even though it was the same mission it was always different, because of team make up. But why grind when all I have todo play ISE to get what I need. Way to go! You made, 7 missions worthless. All of the hard work someone put into content and STFs now belong in the same catagory as Crystaline Entinty, Starbase 24 ground, Gekli feeding grounds, and Teradome. I use to crave new content, and unlike most other I understand it take, resources, but why kill your own content, it does not make since to me.

There is a way to fix this and keep the intent of the change.

1. Let people open there omega box now, they did the grind give them their rewards.

2. Add drop loot back into the STFs, not the special gear, but the normal gear most of it was sold or put on the exchange. Also to get people to play nice, add some dilithium into the STF. I would give 250 for normals and 500 for elites. And on special run days give it a 1.5 modifier. In optional loot add one additional Borg neural processor to need or greed on with a 24 hour cool down if you win it so you can't farm it to fast. Make loot equvelient to the mission. Normals should have green thru purple MK IX thru XI an Elites should have blue MK XI and up.

3. To give reason to play the other STFs, give them a reason to play the others. It makes no sience why you have all of this content and all I ever have to play is ISE to level in reputation. As of right now I don't know how to fix this. I understand the argument of people running hundreds of STFs for there last piece of gear and never getting it. But an incentive has to be given to play each one or all people will do is grind STFs omega marks the fastest and easiest way possible.

4. Make each STF where you can fail it. Look at ISE. Have the Tac cube attack the station and if the station goes the mission fails.

One other advice is give dilithium on every mission along with EC. I would give no more than 50 per mission with a multiplier for hard levels ( advanced or elite regular mission play). The same thing goes for every mission, but it is the amount of dilithium, marks and EC that can change. Some should be heavy in marks others should be heavy in EC, and other should be heavier in Dilithium.

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