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I wont go into the short sighted planning of alienating a player base, just as entering into competition with another epic space saga franchise with an mmo going f2p.

I won't highlight how short sighted it is when getting advertising, and new content to promote with a new starter package ala the Steamrunner, to entice new players whose forays into what is a social game well be met with a wave of discontent I have not seen since, well since I joined in June. I thought the Bartender/Chef/DOFF Dilithium cut was bad...

In short the players aren't happy, there frustrated and don't trust the liar liar pants on fire community manager of the you know I said you'd get something, actually your not. There are enough posts about the detrimental rewards system and changes.

I DO however have a proposal and would highlight as a working paid up lifer, casual player for whom this is my main hobby at present some perspective, rather than the general rants that most posts seem to be.

The 20 man fleet actions with the first past the posts system:
In a 5 man team even with escorts I occasionally got lucky with my cruiser to be first. 20 man, can't see Cruiser or Sci being top ever. I like Cruisers, I have spent Zen on buying Cruisers. With 20 others half of whom are torpedo salvo 3, Cannon scatter 3, i think it unlikely I will ever get first and don't want to have to switch ship ty, flying a cruiser is fun for me.

Therefore I do not think this reward system works. Which for many players triggers rant mode, perhaps not surprisingly.

Cutting dilithium to 0 for some (STF) mission rewards is equally counter productive in the keep players happy. Yes there is some provision for dilithium but indirect and time consuming.

Nor does it support the enabling players to get more rather than less dilithium arguement, as a casual player the cuts will further limit dilithium gathering.

In game there is a mission reward that I think is fair and reasonable. At the end of a Fed Mirror event (which can easily be done in ten minutes or less) you get 480 dilithium and an item.

Remove the tier reward aspect and you have a consistent generic reward system that all missions provide 480 dil and an item. Throw in the random Gear, Items and Commodity item drops on enemy ship/toon death as before and I would feel satisfied as a player.

You could easily tailor this for those missions you feel being negelected, you used to have STF Wednesday, ok have a specific mission a day to get double dilithium. You want to promote something you can have an incentive to promote this and changing it every day would have players looking to different missions across a week, rotate round and everyone does the various missions avaliable in game. You could switch space 1 day, ground the next and so forth.

Also add this for every single group mission including the fleet alert, blockade missions etc, that do not presently have dilithium reward.

STFs would get there occassional day and the BNP and eventually spare omega marks give an additional dil reward in the long run. Giving well run STFS there place back at the top of the mission chain but certainly not overshadowing the mission of the day. Perhaps the Elits STFS could have the 780 reward as a normal lvl stf formerly provided on a wednesday?

This would enable dilithium control, and players would have a clearer idea of ok I have an hour quick mission a run at the mining asteroid, set doffs. Done. 3.5 hrs is not casual thats generally as much non working time of an evening somebody has or a school kid has.

For the established players I'm sure this system would still seem lacking but I think this would go some way to salvaging community spirit, or are the I hate Starbase 24 suddenly going to rush over me saying don't you dare get a source of 1440 dil taken out.

I'm trying to establish a line of balance with a system for everyone that would limit the exploitation the Management are concerned about. That any mission you run will get you a reward on top of the mission providing marks etc.

I would also further suggest that the investigate officer report requirement is made 1 mission a day not 3.

Could I also suggest that Fleet Marks are provided for STFS and also added to the Sector defence alerts, as they are in the Azure Nebula, and Vault: Ensared.

Also as the investigate officer reports was a good source of Fleet Marks as the Dil requirements have been reduced perhaps there could be some thought to reducing the required lvl of fleet marks required on Starbase Projects.

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