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the bozo stf where you just blow up one gate cant recall name,
is the only one worth doing now with the borg season 7 buff.

I love one shot kill thing the borg do.. its like im in a escort no matter what i fly.
need to add hull windex in the replicator instead of repair parts

PS: this is a Typical MMO----a few people say its to easy so they over tune everything and drive the causual players off.

the grind fest sucks no sugar coating it.

unlocking first tier only to realize you goto grind out items for 1 day 16hours is uber let down. who ever thought of this should be publically flogged.

go back to other system with EC and leave the rep system in for tier bonus.

rep system is a why bother find a high fleet and buy fleet gear its less grinding for better gear. Use rep system for tier bonus only.

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