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Hailing all prior player organization organizers and managerial type!!!!

We are staffing our recruitment positions and would like any prior leader or recruiter from any MMO type game to inquire with BlackFire IMMEDIATELY. 5 minute on Google Talk (diehard@twbguild.com), Skype, in-game, or by phone 888-590-4460 Ext 2 (address to Casey not Kelly) for an interview and administrative paperwork to make you an official TWB recruiter and become part of a growing legacy established since 1995.

Prizes are subject to availability and my wallet feeling light as a feather too quickly.

Recruiters must demonstrate our required recruiting and etiquette code and show the ability to retain a member for 30 days before being able to receive any stipend or prize. Recruiters are held to the highest standard but also get the Fleet's best dress and apparel to represent TWB for what it does best - shoot first and ask questions later.

Thanks for your time!

BlackFire, Commanding Officer
The Wild Bunch,
STO Division *Sanctioned and Official Branch of The Wild Bunch Online Gaming Guild est 1995*

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