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# 1 Retrain Token
11-21-2012, 05:14 PM
Ya know this is crap...everyone is complaining about this or that. Well When Cryptic changed the borg set they messed up my build on my ship. Now i need to retrain and can't until i get my stipend. Ya'll screwed the game up and now you want me to pay for a retrain token. Seriously I need to take my threat generation off my ship since I run a destroyer. It was great before season 7 i could tank an escort now i cant or I DIE...a LOT. but wait we had this great it by the people that play the game. I have been in the game 3 years and have never been asked what I want to see. Thats right I beta'd the game and have never been asked what I want out of it...I wonder why I log in anymore
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