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# 1 Transphasic Bomber Help!
11-22-2012, 12:46 AM
Hi everyone!!

I have seen a few ships in PVP that bomb the heck out of me with transphasics to bypass my shields... in my Wells class ship I have managed to maximize my shields at just under 23,500... how can they take down my shields and hull so quickly??? Someone help me!

I have been working to develop a transphasic bombing ship since I was so impressed with what I saw in PVP... I want MAXIMUM PVP DAMAGE but Im not having much luck... normally I consider myself good with PVP builds but Im stuck!

Here is a general list of things I have been doing.

Forward: Dual Cannons (various types), Breen Cluster Torp, Rapid Fire Transphasic Torp
Aft: Turrets (various types), Rapid Fire Transphasic Torp, Transphasic Mines

Tactical: Transphasic Consoles
Science: Field Generators
Engineering: Assimilated Module, Plasma Distribution Modules

** obviously the quantity of the items above would change based on my ship choice. **

Generally I use my tactical slots for at least one tac team and the rest to support my weapon types (in this case cannon fires, torp spreads and mine dispersals). For Engineering I like to focus on shield abilities with at least one hull heal. Science I try to keep at least one tractor beam in the list, along with some hazard emitters and a transfer shield strength. Oh AND... dont yell at me!!! But I LOVE to have a mask energy signature if I have the slot for it... I like to do 1on1 PVP as well and its just way too much fun to have a cloak-type ability. Yes, I know it doesnt help much but I still like it.

I have tried this type of loadout (and many others) in multiple types of ships with the appropriate shield/deflector/engine combination to maximize the energy weapon i am using (example: polaron i use the jem'haddar etc. but overall I prefer Aegis for PVP)

I feel like I have tried everything and the only other variable is the ship I am using... so Im going to list the ships I have and hopefully someone can give me advice.

- Tholian Carrier
- Ferengi Marauder
- Wells Temporal Science
- Mobius Temporal Destroyer
- Odyssey (all 3 types)
- Tactical Retrofit
- Mirror Recon Science
- Artox Carrier
- Mirror Assault Cruiser
- Multi-Vector Assault Escort

Normally I am a shield tanker in my Wells class... someone help me with DPS!

Thanks in advance for any transphasic advice!

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# 2
11-22-2012, 01:18 AM
I find the best bomber is x2 Rapid fire, x2 Cluster with x2 Breen set for a further damage boost. Then use that attack pattern that lowers kinetic resistance, torpedo spread III and/or attack pattern Omega or Mine disposal pattern III.

Alternatively x4 fleet Transphasic or normal 10sec firing Transphasic with 6% crit. Then dump energy weapons into Aux, shields and/or engines.
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# 3
11-22-2012, 01:27 AM
it does not always only depend on your ship build but often also on your skillpoints. (just an information. i dont have anything else to add as i dont know your ship).
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11-22-2012, 02:00 AM
Well, first, what captain type are you? If you're anything besides tactical, you might as well give up on dealing the really big numbers.

If you use a science ship, at least one beam would be great, so that you can use subsystem targeting. With this, Viral Matrix would be good to disable your opponent's engines, preventing them from running away from your mines. Aside from that, if you really want a bomber, it would be best IMO to go with all projectiles besides that one beam. This is because you can then redirect weapons power into other subsystems. If you use torpedoes, equip projectile weapons doffs to reduce cooldown to global.

Also, I see a little problem with your engineering consoles. You see, as a science ship, the Wells class has somewhat weaker hull than most ships. Therefore, even with your shields still up, transphasics may be capable of killing you with enough of them through bleedthrough damage alone. Your lack of armour consoles makes that even worse, as most PvPers will mount armour to give hull resistance. Increasing weapons power is not going to make much difference in your damage if you are relying on transphasics. I suggest swapping out the Plasma Distribution Modules for Neutronium Armour. If you want more, Resilient-type shields such as the MACO will help with bleedthrough as well.
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# 5
11-22-2012, 01:16 PM
I am a science captain but I have maxed all of the armor/shield skills as well as weapons (not including stealth and attack patterns). How can I maximize the transphasic damage i am doing other than the MkXII transphasic consoles I have?

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# 6
11-22-2012, 02:31 PM
Originally Posted by skaldra View Post
I am a science captain but I have maxed all of the armor/shield skills as well as weapons (not including stealth and attack patterns). How can I maximize the transphasic damage i am doing other than the MkXII transphasic consoles I have?
To get the absolute damage out of transphasics you want Weapons Training, Projectile Weapons, Projectile Weapons Specialization maxed out.

Beyond the consoles you can get the breen two piece set (I would go for engine and deflector and go for a maco shield.) and well there is the Console - Rule 62 Multipurpose Combat Console from the Lobi store will help. Its adds 11% damage to mines and torps.

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