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Ok i feel both systems can co exist perfectly in STO. Put stfs back to pre s7 with the chance to win blue green purple drops exchangable for dill and weapons and the equivalent Space/ ground set items.

As you progress through the rep system if you have trouble getting good drops as you progress you get the chance to buy those items to fill in the gaps or for guys who dont have luck with stfs drops.

Also to keep people interested in the rep system have items and sets that can only be obtained via this system. Like Romulan sets.

This would help out both rep and stf fans.

Also to help out guys to move about the map looking for assigments have the Gama orionis transwarp gate for a fee of say 100 latinum to jump to any faction sector. Sme with KDF gate.

More stfs shuttle based. Also introduce a random reward system for all fleet marks/ gorn minefield missons. The chance of winning something unique like the ophidian cane. And rotate the rewards around weekly. Have lots of these special items regularly rotated around and people will want to play more of these again.

Cryptic i propose the above format will work. In fact i think both systems are made for each other not apart.

The current system is a chore. Bring back juicy rewards. And watch the people return.
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