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Hey guys, Im sorry if this has been asked many times before but i did not find too much on the subject.
I just started using a combat parser, set it up correct and it works like it is supposed to. Ive always been a good player, seemed like good damage and setup.
My setup is
3x Advanced fleet antiproton dual heavy cannons with acc modifier.
1x advanced fleet quantum torpedo launcher with acc modifier.

2 x XII borg antiproton turrets with acc modifier.
1x XII quantum torpedo launcher with acc modifier.

mk xii maco deflector
mk xii maco shield
assimilated subtranswarp engines

device= subspace field modulator
engineering consoles=2x vr mk xi electroceramic hull armor and theta radiation vent
science=rare mk xi field generator assimilated borg console
tactical= 2x vr mk xi antiproton mag regs, two rare mk xi antiproton mag regs, vr mk xi zero point quantum chamber

scatter volley 2 and 3, torpedo spread 2 (x2), torp high yield 3, torp high yield 1, 2 tac teams,
reverse shield polarity 1 emergency power to shields 1
hazard emitters tractor beam repulsors.

All saurian boffs with efficient, power levels 125 to weapons, the rest equally distributed
Doffs= Dlyrene (10% more damage to borg) rare conn officer x2, very rare projectile weapons officer x2

So why is y dps as low as it is? I use all of my tac captain buffs, always on tac team, etc etc. Other than getting the higher level tac consoles (im working on it) what advice can you guys offer for more dps??

Thanks in advance guys.
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12-01-2012, 05:05 PM
Well, first, your build strikes me as having too many torpedo skills. With so many, you're only going to be cycling two of them at any one time due to global cooldown. Therefore, strip off two of those skills, and substitute an attack pattern in their places, probably Omega or Beta if you're looking for more damage in STFs.

Also, as an escort, you want to always face your target to get the most out of your dual heavy cannons. Hence, dropping the aft torpedo in favour of a turret should help you do more damage to your front.

Finally, what are your power settings? It is a common mistake to leave these balanced. To do damage, most (if not all) escorts will have their weapons power setting at 100.
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12-02-2012, 07:44 AM
i always have power set to full for weapons, no matter what kind of damage im taking. The rest i leave to shields and then the minimum for the other two.
I agree with the aft torp, i just didnt want three turrets because of power drain.
Thats a good point too on the torp skills.
Any other advice??
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12-03-2012, 05:33 AM
Drop the rear torpedo for another turret, and the torpedo damage console for a 5th AP damage console

Tac Abils:

TT1, CSV1, TS3
TS1 or THY1

CSV 2 & 3 don't offer significant upgrades. TS3 is a huge upgrade over TS2/1 (It's on the Jem Hadar Boff)

Power Drain concerns are negligible really. Some players may choose to use a single Dual Cannon (fires at a different rate and at less drain) and/or a rear Tractor Mines which can help here, but either or both of these are playstyle decisions.

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