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Maquis Alliance Elite Force is always open to new prospective members. We are a fleet that believes in teamwork and dedication. We have structured policies to make sure that everyone on the fleet does their part and that others are not stuck pulling dead weight.
Whether you like to work with teams or solo we only ask you to donate to the projects. Hard work in this fleet seldome goes unoticed, we reward those who go above and beyond. We give rewards to those to exceed expectations in the form of raffles, giveaways, and special bonuses. Continue reading if you believe we would be a good fit for you! You may enroll at our fleet website

Every new recruit to the fleet MUST sign up to the website. This site helps us better keep track of members as well as will serve as a tool for knowledge to players frequent questions. ( Build information forums, giveaways etc ) Current fleet members do not have to join if they have not already. They will need to join if they wish to get answers to certain questions they might have.

Purchasing power from starbase stores is allowed after 150k has been donated in your overal holdings. After this you will be promoted from Agent level to your appropriate level. Advanced Sciences, Engineering Core, or Strike Force are the obtainable ranks and are all set up with the same permissions so that everyone shares the same permissions equally with access to the bank.

Each Player on the fleet is required to contribute at least 15,000 into fleet projects weekly to maintain membership. This is based off of your overall contribution number from both the starbase and the embassy so it doesn?t matter which projects you contribute to as long as combined contributions are 15k. The week begins on a Monday and ends on a Sunday. We will check contributions every Sunday and make rulings on Monday. This is only for your main character on the fleet if you have other characters on fleet we only ask that they donate something even if its small. If you are not going to be on the game for an extended period of time (over a week ) please post your absence in a comment under our fleet forum on the website with how long you believe you may be absent from the game.

The Team Speak Server is for everyone to use and enjoy. We ask that if you are running with people in an STF and on teamspeak that you move to a team room to avoid cross talk with other people hanging out in the lounge. Team speak is not to be used as a standalone chat client. You must be playing the game in some regard and the standard teamspeak rules listed on the FAQ page of our apply.

Always be respectful to other members of the fleet and others in game. This is a proud fleet that wants to be recognized for our prowess and skills not for trolling or ignorance.

Recruitment. Anyone can be recruited to the fleet but only after they have signed up for the website and acknowledges it?s terms on this page. An authorization code of: B662A1 will be asked on enrollment to signify that you read and agree to these fleets terms. Any player that wishes to recruit merely needs to direct the new recruit to the fleet site and have them read this page. After enrollment a founder or fleet general will approve their application and invite them to the fleet. There will be no open discussions about it ( read, enroll, invite then play )

We reward players based on great acts in game as well as on the leaderboard if your working hard to help us hit our goals we WILL take note and try to return the favor to you.

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