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# 1 Vest ships?
12-20-2012, 12:49 AM
Ok, I'm saving up for a good ship.


what I'm wondering is obviously about the Vesta ships and that is :

What truly are the differences with the 3 kinds of Vesta ships?

I've read and re-read there descriptions, (I think I'm a bit slow I guess with learning), and it looks like each one has the same turn rate, and can load cannons. And also has some heavy phaser thingy.... (like that described for the dreadnought?).

Yet what I can't, for the life of me figure out, is what is the difference between the each Vesta ship?

Is there a difference?

Also what kind of bridges do you get?

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12-20-2012, 01:21 AM
Every cruiser is intended for a role.
Just take a look at the Bridge officer seats and the console slots. -> different skills usable
There you have the difference.
And the Zen ships usually have some special console or ability, that can also differ from eg tactical to science cruiser or even be a set if you get all 3 ships. Like the Odyssey.
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# 3
12-20-2012, 01:24 AM
You don't get any special bridges with the Vesta.

The differences are:

1) Each version has a different special console with an active ability. The Phaser Lance you mentioned is only on the Tactical oriented variant (Reconnaissance).

2) Each version has a different passive energy bonus. The Tac version has +5 Weapon Energy and +10 Auxillary, while the Science oriented one has +15 Auxillary. The Engineering oriented variant has +5 Shield power and +10 Auxillary.

3) Each version has a different console slot layout.

Tactical: 4 Tac, 2 Eng, 4 Sci
Engineering: 3 Tac, 3 Eng, 4 Sci
Science: 3 Tac, 2 Eng, 5 Sci

In all other aspects, the ships are identical. Those are the only differences. Oh and each has a different skin. You can only use the skin of the variant you bought.

I wouldn't pick the Engineering oriented one, but the other two are equally interesting depending on what you intend to do with the ship.
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12-20-2012, 01:54 AM
I'm going to guess the heavy phaser thing you read about was the aux dual heavy cannons which come with every version of the ship. All they are are dual heavy phaser cannons that run off Aux power instead of weapon power. They are not limited to one per ship like some other special weapons.
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12-20-2012, 02:50 AM
No, the Tactical Variant has an actual Phaser Lance as special console ability, regardless of which weapons you have otherwise slotted.
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12-20-2012, 03:20 AM
yeah, i think that 'Phaser Thingy' he mentioned (lol thats the scientific name of it i guess) is the Phaser Lance that the tac ship has, talk about a punch to the face. line that up with torp spread and aux heavy cannons with a cannons skill or two and an advanced RCS mod my oh my what a three hit combo that will have some shadowy voice yelling "FINISH HIM" in pve. I would just have to wait for the "Flawless Victory"

I have said this once and i will say it again this ship with her aux cannons, (AUX CANNONS are you kidding me, a ship that runs on auxi power how amazing is that! People who can't see the value of this has no idea what aux power does for your ship and should prolly go back to star fleet for a refresher course.) will revolutionize this game of whiners and cry babies that complain about the broken mechanics between tacs and everyone else. I imagine they know nothing about aggro or never played an online vid before "CGE's see the one that hits them the hardest as the biggest threat if they did not they would have to be stupid and then i would say that the system is broken, but if cruisers could bang just as hard with arrays as escorts did with cannons "I hate the sight of a fed ship with cannons and secondly why is a ship with 100+ people fishtailing and drifting all over the place? It's just stupid if you ask me, so stupid to the point its lame, since players consider ships good only if they can carry cannons talk about elitest, I'm not even a star trek fan and i think this is just stupid. Elite players use the ship for it's true purpose and do it effectively not just because you can put the biggest cannons on it run into a crowd spray a few torps and yell horay I got this build off the forum and now I'm elite because i can do this, nope lol you're a one trick pony and that trick isn't even yours. I mean i love when people say check out my such and such build that i made and it looks identical to every other build with no variation at all lol i'm like eeer okay....

This ship will level the playing field for sci and eng and put them on their with the Tacs, it can't kep you up with an elite player no, but there are only about like what 100 of them in game that will out gun you and out man you, i know i wouldn't fall to this ship ever but that's not the point. The point is this girl is such a beaut, i mean my god, it will come down to what you want from her since your build will have to be something like 25/50/25/125 or something but we well built captain and boffs can get it to 50/100/50/125 and then with the right skills and doffs it can go to 75/125/75/125 no matter what it all adds up to a painful death, how exciting!

So you can't really go wrong with that ship and she can be a monster if you know what you're doing and i would happily fly along side her with a good to so-so captain and let her command the field and sit back and watch the mayhem and say thank god I'm on her side

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12-20-2012, 02:21 PM
Originally Posted by arcademaster View Post
No, the Tactical Variant has an actual Phaser Lance as special console ability, regardless of which weapons you have otherwise slotted.
I admit I might be wrong, but from the way he worded things it sounded like the item was mentioned on every ship which the cannons are and as far as I know the Quantum Field Focus Phaser is not referred to as "heavy" anywhere in game and should only be mentioned as part of the recon Vesta.

Now I own the bundle but if I had to pick one I'd probably go with the recon version I like it's console layout the best and the phaser lance console is pretty nice and syncs up nicely with a high Aux build. One of my characters hasn't been reskilled to make better use of the Vesta yet and it's doing just shy of 3k damage per second.
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12-22-2012, 04:05 AM
Thank you for all your replies!!!!

I only got to them now, as it seemed the other day, this site wasn't working for me...

Anyhow, now I have a better understanding of the Vesta ships!!!

I appreciate your replies and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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