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# 1 Idea: BoPs in STFs
01-10-2013, 11:56 PM
Just an idea, why not give BoPs an additional ability of having shorter revive cooldowns in STFs and some events?
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# 2
01-11-2013, 12:55 AM
Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Just an idea, why not give BoPs an additional ability of having shorter revive cooldowns in STFs and some events?
I agree with you but odds are soon this thread will be filled with whiners and criers that claim bops are too OP already and that they need to be nerfed. In their eyes BOPS have 1 million hull health LOL It's just a majority of bop users know what they are doing and hardly ever die unless its things like NWS where there is so much clutter and spam that they get pounded so hard. Sad thing being I mostly play KDF I haven't really come across anyone who ever wants to do NWS to even do it.
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# 3
01-11-2013, 04:23 AM
BoPs are great.... but really annoying to bring to Into the Hive....

I don't fly one personally, but a fleetmate of mine loves his... alas optional......
I'll stop kicking that horse when the bugs fixed. Until then as a paying consumer, I will voice my opinion.
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# 4
01-11-2013, 12:00 PM
I really like the BOP and before I made the jump to my Vo'Quv with my Science Main I had a lot of fun in the BOP.

The big problem that I had with using the BOP was that I never knew when to get out of dodge and would over engage and end up a smoldering pile of Space debris.

Try has I might I just could never get use to the Hit and Run play style
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# 5
01-11-2013, 01:40 PM
Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Just an idea, why not give BoPs an additional ability of having shorter revive cooldowns in STFs and some events?
I think the -Threat consoles are a nice boon to BoPs in STFs.

To be honest with you the main reason I no longer fly a BoP for STFs is because I don't need cloaking and because other KDF options* are so amazingly strong that taking the BoP just feels silly.

(Currently Fleet Vorcha, 1K Vet Ship, Kar'Fi & Guramba are my ships of choice).

I don't think a reduced cooldown timer is ever going to happen for a single class of ships.
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# 6
01-30-2013, 02:52 AM
I fly nothing but BoP! My Haj Heavy BoP is so invaluable in a borg STF battle. the biggest mistake is see, is when lazy captains load up a BoP with beams instead of cannons. I have rapid fire cannon volley, scatter volley, high yield torps, and scatter volley of torps. THis is done with all anti protom dual heavy cannons, and transphasics, namely the cluster torp, and the rapid fire torp. My BoP will come in, decloak, send a barrage of death at the enemy in two volleys. The second that i'm in danger, i cloak, reposition, and when the enemy has another target, i de-cloak and repeat.

I was actually considering for my first fleet ship, the Hoh'sus BoP. Does anyone have this, as i would like to know what its like. I am currently swaying towards the fleet B'rel.

All my ships are BoP, and i wouldnt change any of them!
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# 7
01-31-2013, 09:25 AM
Oh hey look the Raptor has every ability that the BoP does just MORE of it. Gee guess I'll prefer my BoP.

C'mon now. You can say you prefer it, but don't think to yourself that it is even equal to a Raptor for STF work. And certainly don't say it here.

And as far as playing it a bit SCI heavy, sure you can. Just if you put the TAC option in there you can actually just kill the stuff without need for SCI cc.

I'm not saying you HAVE to do it. Just saying some options are measurably better than others. Plus I mean, why wouldn't you want to put out 100% for your team with your ship choice? In a normal there's a LOT of room for shennanigans, but in Elite you may want to put away the toys for a bit.

All in all have fun and keep shooting the bad guys!! Just some bop and raptor stfs and stuff. I have done them. Just raptor really is better than the BoP.
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# 8
01-31-2013, 09:42 AM
Reason why I like my BOP better then a raptor for STFs is I can put out about the same DPS as a raptor in my Hoh'sus, but with the universals I can also use a Lt Cmdr Sci or ENG ability since I usually run Cmdr and Lt Tac. This lets me do things escorts cant do like EWP1 or GW1 but still have way more dps then a sci ship or cruiser. Sci ship isn't really needed for STFs, you just need a Lt Cmdr station for 2 heals and a crowd control ability to be able to support, and BOP does that while still being good DPS to.

I rarely die in any of my BOP in STF, and I have the Heghta, B'rel, and Fleet Hoh'sus. It just has too many tricks up its sleeve for stupid borg to kill it besides getting lucky hits from the 1 shot invisitorp of doom.

B'rel is still one of the best STF ships of all as it easily dispatches tough NPC's on elite within seconds like cubes without even being shot at many times due to being able to fire torps while cloaked and not even appearing for a second when laying mines. Just use tricobalt mines with DPB3 and it can still take out cubes instantly on a crit, or a huge chunk of its health without crits, then romulan plasma torp spam can quickly finish it. A B'rel can EWP or GW all the nanite spheres as they spawn, packing them together for a nice trico mine explosion, sometimes 1 shotting all the nanites before your team even finishes the transformer on ISE.
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# 9
01-31-2013, 10:09 AM
Remember, we're discussing KDF here, not feds. KDF cruisers are beasts my friend. And I know you have them so that isn't news to you I'm sure. KDF cruiser being beasty.

Once you start moving the BoP away from a pure Tac layout and pushing it towards anything else....those anything else ships start to look like better choices. So take away the extra Tac and you have a KDF cruiser with a GREAT turn rate and GREAT speed and like no hull. So where the KDF cruiser could just keep pounding away, potentially the BoP needs to scoot away for a bit to heal. So there's a big tradeoff that a BoP makes by doing those sorts of things that cruisers or scis are built to do.

It may not SEEM significant, but it is there. I don't really think you need to precisely measure it, I think it's enough to say "if I take myself out of the game for 30 seconds to heal up or cloak or manuever every couple of minutes" that's a pretty good chunk of damage just not being done. As opposed to a cruiser. That will just keep doing it.

Again, not saying you CAN"T do it. Just saying that gee if u need a hammer, and you have a hammer, use a hammer, and not the wrong end of a screwdriver.

That B'rel trick really is a B'rel trick and what can anyone say? Someday that will get patched into never never land.

Cheers happy flying!
If I don't respond to posts on this forum don't be offended. I don't sub or follow any of them.
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# 10
01-31-2013, 10:16 AM
Yeah good point about the KDF cruisers especially the Bortasqu or Fleet Torhkat, both of which I also use in STFs a lot. Great thing about them is with DHC and a torp I can do escort DPS but don't usually need heals or to evade around at all to survive, so have almost 100% uptime on target which should result in much higher damage throughout the encounter.

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