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I already completed the mission "Hide and Seek", by fighting off the enemy that was attacking the U.S.S Valor, blowing up the enemy transporter scrambler, and beaming the dilithium to the U.S.S Valor, and fighting off the other enemy at Lackey III, and beaming up the extra dilithium, I was acknowledged of the mission completion by the commander at earth space dock by being awarded EXP points etc etc, but I still have the mission in my journal as incomplete and still being told to go to the Lackey system, which I did, and the whole process repeats.

Is this mission a never ending one?
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01-14-2013, 02:50 PM
Once you steal the extra dilithium, you should be prompted to warp to a new location in the Lackey System. You're not supposed to exit to sector space.

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