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# 1 Fleet Structure Guide
01-18-2013, 10:59 PM
Here is a guide I made as a model for others, to assist in getting the most out of your fleet and helping to make it successful. <-- click this link to access it.
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# 2
01-19-2013, 12:32 AM
A tad hard to read... Yellow on blue is bad... really...

Anywho ...

The settings you have probably (very likely) work well for your fleet, but I don't think my fleeties would stick around for more than 5-10 mins in my fleet... It's just not our mentality.

We just a few days got rid of the "progression" entirely, having fleet ranks removed alltogether, and replaced by indications of what the members do best in the fleet.

The reason is that we lost far too many good members, because of their obsessions with quick "progression" in ranks... Reasons that are uncertain for me.
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# 3
01-19-2013, 12:58 AM
Gold and Blue are my colors, so thats why I used that theme on my website. As for this guide, its only a template to help guild owners. Coming up with your own theme and ideas are part of the fun of making and progressing a fleet. I have found it best to recruit new players to the game, as this gives them a chance to grow along with your fleet, inspiring them to want to help out and be apart of a fleet they can be proud of. Veterans, think back to beta and how difficult it was to start out with no help or friends, take this oportunity to help new comers take advantage of your experience, and become a valuable member of your guild. =^.^=
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# 4
01-19-2013, 06:57 AM

As a template not etched in stone it's not a bad idea!

/derail ON - Btw, I love your website CatStar ... it lightens my mood some days /derail OFF
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# 5
01-29-2013, 07:16 PM
This was a pet project for a while. I had a fleet once before, the mistake I made was to try to make everyone happy. In doing this I missed out on my goal of an active teaming fleet. Everyone wanted to have rank and be better then the next, things got out of hand fast and it wasent long before no one listened to me anylonger. I was the only one earning for prizes, and making up contests and events. When I stepped down and finaly gave the others a try, they started to grab everything up like I dropping fresh meat in a shark tank. =@.@= What an aweful experience, but the fleet im in now is stable, active and has good people that look after each other rather then just themselves.

MVP's arent the guys on the bench. Any successsful ball team, has a group who aspire to improve themselves as a whole, even Michael Jordan with all his skills, needed his team to coordinate a win.

The fleet idea may seem like im promoting mass grinding, but its just more orderly and gives a branch thier goal. When they give is up to them. Ive taken some flake for this idea in the past because not everyone wants to have responsibility, but im honored to meet and recruit players who ask what they can do for thier fleet, rather then what thier fleet can do for them.
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# 6
01-29-2013, 07:27 PM
Fleet Uniforms!!

(sigh) Every person who ever made a fleet has tried to get everyone to wear a fleet uniform....every person who has asked this has also lost much hair over this too. lol

For those unfamiliar with this, the purpose, or at least for my motives when I asked, was to have everyone look alike to have a unique look for our fleet like a ball team would. Nothing is more satifying to a fleet owner then having people who are proud to bear the fleet patch and uniform. It makes an impression, shows brotherhood in a guild.

But dont feel bad fleet owners...everyone has heard, "can I wear this instead" " What I have on is good for me" "can I wear a skirt instead" ....cant help but laugh about this as I type!! XD

Most try to make something ugly so i can understand in somecases, but I think the best idea is the free one...the First Contact/Star Trek theme. This is what mine was at first, I have always promoted bringing back more of a Star Trek theme again. But the best Uniform I ever seen was The Silver Knights, they no longer excist, but it was cool! A friend of mine owned that one.

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