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On the patch notes it said:

Implemented a change to possibly address the game client failures reported on machines with Intel integrated drivers.
  • This may address crashes, black-screen hangs, "Display driver has stopped responding and has been reset" system messages, and blue screens.
Afraid this did not fix the issue that I've been experiencing since the patch of the second week of December.

I just experienced a CTD (Crash to Desktop) as soon as I was materializing on the First City Transporter Pad. And have been CTDing every time I zone into Qo'nos.

My GForce Drivers are up-to-date, and I even expanded the video memory due to someone saying that helped with some crashes giving a Video Memory 15 issue.

All I can say is that there was a Qo'nos CTD issue a few weeks after Season 6, and was fixed a month later. So likely whatever you fixed back then, got broken during the patch.

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