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Okey dokey, since I have now been accused of exploiting 7 times in the 2 days since I got this ship, I am going to post my current build for my Mobius Temporal Destroyer.

Any suggestions or flames are welcome.

Mobius Temporal Destroyer

Fore Weapons:
2x Fleet Antiproton Dual Heavy Cannons [DMG]x3 [CrtH]
Chroniton Dual Beam Array
Temporal Disruption Device

Rear Weapons:
2x Fleet Antiproton Turret [DMG]x3 [CrtH]
Borg Cutting Beam

Full Borg set Mk XI

Eng: Tipler Cylinder, Tachyokinetic
Sci: Manheim, Borg, Field Generator [Rare XI],Rom ulan Console XI [Emitter Array, HuH, -Th]
Tactical: Antiproton Mag Regulators [Very Rare XI] x4

Ensign Engineering : EPtW1
Lt. Tac: TT1, BO2
Cmdr Tac: TT1, CSV1, APO1, CRF3
Lt. Uni (Tac): THY1, APB1
Lt. Cmdr Uni (Sci): HE1, HE2, TSS3

2x Blue Projectile Doffs (-Torp CD)
1x Purple Shield Dist. Doff
1x Purple Exocomp

1x Blue Quartermaster [-battery cooldown time]


This setup is highly proc reliant, as in, without a bit of luck its average at best.

Between the Romulan Console and the Borg set, the hull and shields tend to heal randomly, and for decent amounts. This is augmented by the Backstep heal (which seems to really boggle peoples minds - apparently no one reads the descriptions...).

Exocomp Doff + Quartermaster allow relatively rapid use of batteries with some substantial boosts to those batteries - 10% damage resist on Shield Batts, 10% damage on Weap Batts. This also lets me get away with leaving out EPtS as a shield heal. EPtW is used for higher alpha spike and to quickly cure Tholian weapon disables and to counteract BO2s drain.

Torp Doffs make the disruption torpedos almost useful. The high yield makes them very situationally effective for slowing groups down (eSTFs).

HE is duplicated only because sometimes I need that heal 30s rather than 45s after the first.

Will probably replace the Borg XI set with XII - in this build, the proc heals are too important to mix and match. The Cutting Beam + Borg Tractor is also a nice damage boost, and the tractor is very useful at times.

So, anyway, any comments or criticism are welcome.

And, for those of you out there yelling at me....READ THE SET DESCRIPTION OF THE TEMPORAL CONSOLES PLEASE. I am not instantly healing for no reason at all. It's what the ability does. Thats what the procs in this set up do. I am not cheating.

Thanks in advance!
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# 2 Mobius build feedback
01-26-2013, 07:49 PM
Nice build, I have a similar layout on my Mobius but am still nearly 200 Romulan marks away from buying the Romulan console.

I have mine set up as follows

fore weapons
Dual chroniton beam
dual antiproton cannon (intend to upgrade to a fleet version)
wide angle quantum torpedo launcher
Omega plasma torpedo launcher

aft weapons
Borg Cutting Beam
fleet antiproton turret (acc)
temporal device

Omega Force mark XII shields
Borg XI deflector
Borg XI engines

Tipler cylinder
mannheim device
theta radiation vents
Borg console
tachyokinetic converter
antiproton Mag XI X3
tactical zero point chamber XI

The added bonuses due to the sets, Borg engine + deflector, Omega Torpedo + cutting beam + console, tippler cylinder + mannheim device, temporal device + chroniton beam + temporal, they really stack up.
I have found this build so good that my piloting has gotten lazy, I just fly right into the middle of a cluster of enemies, vent theta radiation and pound things until they explode. I find that the extra torpedo weight (three on this build) comes in very handy in large Borg encounters but would swap out for more cannons and turrets is fighting PVP. Continual plasma fires don't even do enough damage to overcome the passive hull regeneration and the temporal abilities are so ridiculously awesome that I try not to use them lest I become dependent on them.

Putting the temporal disruption device in an aft weapon slot gives me a nice way of getting the heavy/slow warhead right up next to my target every time I make a strafing run while getting the full temporal set onboard while leaving the fore weapons slots open for harder hitting weapons. Before I got the Omega torp I flew this build with a Hargh'peng torpedo launcher in that fore slot.
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# 3
01-26-2013, 11:15 PM
Yeah the ability to stack so many bonuses is a huge strength on the M?bius.

Its a very OP ship but damn fun, it lets you recover from bad PUGs, dumb mistakes, and uberlag and make it look cool.

Not sure if I could do a torp heavy build myself, I always get nervous without energy flashes every second, but maybe I'll give omega Corp a try.

Nice build by the way
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# 4
01-27-2013, 02:29 AM
lol, they acused you of exploiting? yeah nowadays thats the common thing when you beat people either by having better stuff then them or simply being better. but then again there are exploits/doffs currently ingame that really make PVP senseless, or atleast mean that you need to participate in an "armsrace" to compete.

anyway, only question i got is, if torpedo spread wasn't smarter to use with the disruption device (does it even function with spread?) the more targets you hit, the more you disable, or have the chance to. Same with the chroniton beam bank...while BO sure does a nice burst, but primarely the chroniton beam is for disabeling targets, and the more you hit the better, or the more often you hit them the better.
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# 5
01-27-2013, 03:28 AM
Build looks about so-so, but I would be quite nervous about running those 3 tac officers. Going without EPtS is a no-no in my opinion. Going with TSS3 as your only shield heal is rather dicey in the really competitive stuff. Then again, it's just my opinion, and if you can actually make the batteries work, go ahead.

As for the "exploiting" bit, it is entirely possible that they don't know about the time-freeze bubble or the Temporal Inversion Field. Either that, or they consider it unsporting to use them anyway. There are those who are fairly ignorant, especially about the latter power.
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# 6
01-27-2013, 08:44 AM
Yes the device works with spread. However the HY version slows down enemies within a certain radius, and as the device is rather slow it stops groups of enemies nicely for as much or more time as the spread. Both increase the CD of the launcher significantly but after some testing it seems that HY slows things down for a longer time if you pick the farthest target in a group.

I was kind of thinking of BFAW with the chroniton beam, BUT it has a 40% crit severity bonus, BOs frequently crit in the 30k+ range, making it really nice for taking out Borg spam mobs. Maybe I should swap situationally between them.

Yes, I do miss EPtS sometimes. However, TSS3 with the embassy emitter console does the big heal and 255 point ticks...0 to full shields in a few seconds. Plus Borg shield proc, BFI with a 50% chance of Shield heal (emitter skill also effects this, almost a full heal as well) and large shield batteries that heal more that EPtS1. Its for sure trickier than using EPtS, but once you get the hang of it, it works as well or in some cases better, allowing more frequent use of EPtW.

Thanks for the feedback so far! I was expecting more negativity, so I'm pleasantly surprised :-)
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# 7
01-27-2013, 09:37 AM

I was wondering what the biggest difference was between the Fleet Advanced DHC and the Fleet Elite DHC in general? Which should I go for or does it really matter? They both state DPS at 427!

As for my build:

Weapons - X4 DHC Antiproton XI; X2 Antiproton Turrets XI; X1 Borg Cutting Beam (recently fixed by Cryptic to deliver massive damage once shields are down) I did get the Omega Torp but to be honest its slow and cumbersome.

Shields, Engine, Deflector - Borg Set (Brings my hull to just under 46 thousand and has always worked well for me)

Eng Consoles - Neutronium X2

Science - Tach Converter, Rom ZPE and Borg Assimilated Module, one subspace Jumper (because lets face it, more likely to end up with something uncloaking behind me than in front of me...)

Tact - X 4 XI Antiproton Mag Regulators.

Deivces - Subspace Field Modulator.

Bridge Officers: ALL Purple Grade - Lt. Commander Universal - Sicence: HE, SciTI, TSSIII; Lt. Universal - Tactical: Torp HY1 (to be changed soon - recommendations?), ScatterV1; Commander Tactical - TT1, B1,Omega1, CRF3; Lt. Tactical Station - TT1, CRF1; Enseign Engineering - Shield1

Doffs - Combination or purple and blues adhering to the above mentioned powers and abilities, however, admittedly, they are ALL Tact.

After months of trying this ship or that shaip I finally got enough Lobi to buy the Temporal Destroyer and I have to say, despite being less than a week its the best ship I have been in. I was in a Breen preiviously (which I absolutely LOVE) but the bridge officer layout of this ship is second to none.

I am looking to change out some of the tact abilities to possibly Delta Attack Pattern and one other (recommendations) because I have a purple DOFF geared towards the first.

Finally, I like your build, its inspiring. However, no money for the Wells and to buy it merely for the console doesn't seem logical to me. Id rather spend the EC on the ultra rare goodies like Antiproton, etc....
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