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# 1 Which Attack Pattern is Best?
01-28-2013, 11:02 PM
Hey Gang,

I am looking for some advise from fellow TACS or anyone else for that matter on two issues i am struggling with. I am trying to make the move from playing mainly PVE to more PVP and i have been surfing the forums and all of the supporting sites/links for creating the ideal TAC officer that can switch between an assualt cruise and a escort (mainly a Defiant-R or a HE-Carrier).

Weopons loadout is currently:

3 AP arrays, 1 WA Quantum forward
3 AP arrays, 1 REG Quantum aft

My question is on my BO skills loadout. I currently have the following stations that im am trying to maximum DPS/Healing out off but transferable between a AC or an escort. Both vessels are set up for arrays/torp and cannons/torp.


Lt Com Tac: TS1, APB1, HYT3

Ens Tac: TT

Com Eng: EPTW1, EPTS2, APTSIF2, and EWPC

Lt Eng: EPTS1 and ET2

Universal Lt Sci: HE1 and PH2
Lt Tac: TT1 and BO2 but im still undecided

Now if i want too switch over to a HEC or a Defiant-R then i am looking at a different bridge set up which i do not know which skills i should have two versions of such as EPTS 1 and 2 or just repeats of the same skill such as TTon my BO's. Another question is which AP is better and that can be used for either vessel type APB or APD?

My HEC and Defiant-R bridge layouts are:

Com Tac
Lt Com Eng
Lt Tac
Lt Sci
Ens Tac


Com Tac
Lt Com Tac
Lt Eng
Lt Sci

Any help or suggestions on which skills i can load on my BO's so i can switch them in and out would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, I currently have the following BO's that i am trying to work with

Com Tac-TS1, CSV1, APD2, APO
Lt Com Tac-TS1, APB, HYT3
Lt Eng-EPTS1, ET2
Lt Sci-HE1, PH2
Lt Tac-HYT1, BO2
Lt Tac-TT1, BO2
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# 2
01-29-2013, 01:39 AM
AP Omega is favored to nullify tractor beam holds, but AP Beta is nice for buffing the whole team's damage. As far as I know, AP Delta is not favored so much. If you can have only one attack pattern, Omega would be the choice.

I notice that you have hazard emitters 1, and polarize hull 2. I would reverse those because the healing is better from HE 2, and the difference in PH 1 has never been noticeable to me.

Perhaps someone who knows what they are talking about will now chime in.

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# 3
01-29-2013, 01:53 AM
to call one AP the best, is probably only deserved by AP omega...however it is not the best in regard to dmg or resistance. Omega is the most versatile.
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01-29-2013, 01:59 AM
IF U HAVE BUG CONSOLES you get gamma as well XD, mix that with omega and gay stuff happens.

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01-29-2013, 02:23 AM
Originally Posted by srspells View Post
IF U HAVE BUG CONSOLES you get gamma as well XD, mix that with omega and gay stuff happens.
Not at all cool to say.
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01-29-2013, 02:37 AM
lolz srry, meant to say its really a good combo.

but if u dont have it omega is the best

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01-29-2013, 08:55 AM
APO first. If you have room you get Delta as well. You get Beta if you're part of an active team.

APO is simply the best trainable in the game. Hands down it is the "All in One" button.

Delta is your second choice because it does provide you with at least a hull resist bonus. And you can place it on a team mate. And it will debuff anyone that is attacking whoever has the buff. So it is somewhat more versatile than Beta.

Beta is great when you're getting very good at counting other players or teams buffs, and can place it on a target that isn't going to have a TT available to clear it, and you have a team ready to take advantage of it. So sure, an enemy could clear his Delta debuff OR his Beta debuff, but he CAN'T clear the BUFF that Delta gives to you or to your teammate. And that's why Delta is a bit more versatile.

Two TT's are always a good start as you seem to already know. It is a great way to keep your shields balanced when manual doesn't cut it. So your cruiser could have TTx2, Delta, Omega.

Just two of the same or two different Emergency Power abilities. That's sufficient to keep very high power levels. That's a Bortas but in there you will find a very cheap Doff scheme to inflate power levels a bit. It works off of the 'two different' idea.

Anyhoo's thats a start for your cruiser. You've likely noticed its lite on Sci and so far your only out from the defensive crit death called Tractor Beams is omega. So you may want to keep the PH. That leaves HE as required for clearing the SECOND defensive crit death known as Warp Plasma. Be REALLY sure not to waste those two abilites on general heals or resists. Keep those things in mind. Keep the usage of TT in mind. Go play with a friend, have a ball, and maybe hit up the PVP forum. I hear they have some sort of boot camp or something.


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