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Is it possible to make a ground map mission where the player can not take their Boffs?
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02-09-2013, 12:44 PM
yup, it's possible.
There's a spotlight foundry mission that pulls it.
Kirkfat is the author if I'm not mistaken.

Have the player spawn inside an object that disapears when triggered (or an item that will appear when trigger). Not sure exactly how it works.

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02-09-2013, 01:00 PM
The mission is "Relics" by Kirkfat (great foundry mission IMO)

There's athread in the Bug forum, and this explanation is given
Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post

Basically what you have to do is place a floor that turns invisible at some point in your mission. It can be upon completion of the final objective on that map, and it would work ok. On that floor, make sure you've got at least a couple "rooms"--one where you want the mission to take place, and one where you want the bridge officers to be. In the bridge officer room, leave one of the walls open. (I.e. don't put a wall there.)

good luck
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02-09-2013, 01:59 PM
Yeah, I am pretty sure you can do this by spawning the player in an area (like a corner) that drops the boffs outside the map wall and traps them.
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02-09-2013, 07:34 PM
Whenever you design something like this, keep in mind that you may have more than one human player. Infrequent but it can happen. If you trap the BOFFs, you may trap some real life players as well.

About missing BOFFs, you have some options:

- The teleport trick. If the spawn point is actually a reach marker triggered teleport point, then you arrive at a certain point get immediately carrier away, while your BOFFs don't. It is a variation of spawning the BOFFs in the wall. The good part that this works all the time.

- Triggerable ground trick. The BOFFs have an extremely hard time navigating on ground that can be hidden away using triggers. BOFFs don't consider triggerable geometry as valid surface and therefore have a tendency to simply clip through it. Especially if the actual ground is close enough and they somehow get slightly stuck. So after a few minutes of walking around on a triggerable platform, your BOFFs will likely be gone. The good part in this is that real captains are not affected by this at all. The bad part is that you will have your BOFFs for a little while and it works only if you build some sort of custom interior or similar.

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