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Hello I have a eng char and was wonder what is the best build for this ship I already have the BOP for it, so i just need some help getting the most out of this ship.

Any help is welcome

Also this is mostly for PVE and such

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02-12-2013, 08:45 AM
This is the build i'm trying out.

Tac ltc: tt1-crf1-apo1 (may change to tt1-apb1-apo1)
Eng ltc: epts1-et2-aux2bat2
Eng lt: epta1-aux2bat1
Com sci: he1-tss2-es2-gw3 (may change to he1-es1-tss3-es3)

3xtech doffs
1xflight deck doff
1xgrav sci (may change it for another flight deck doff)

2x polarized disruptor turrets + 1 beam array [acc][crth] fore and aft

currently using:
jem'hadar deflector and shield
fleet advanced hyper impulse engines [spd][turn]x3

working on getting full borg set.

eng consoles
2x neutronium, aceton assimilator
sci consoles
romulan flow capacitor -threat x3, plasmonic leech
tac consoles
2x disruptor ind coils.
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02-12-2013, 08:52 AM
Personally, I would not run an Aux2Batt build on a Vo'Quv. It relies on its pets for DPS, and cooling down your turret CRF faster isn't going to change that, but the amount of Aux you're draining to keep the thing going is going to kill your Gravity Well and the hangar recharge rate.
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02-12-2013, 02:53 PM
I?m looking at switching my KDF Eng across to a Mirror Vo'Quv carrier from his current Bortas?qu CC. Don?t get me wrong, the Bortas has performed decently in PVE and casual PVP, and it?s nice to have a character in what feels like a real capital ship. But its performance doesn?t match its hype, and I?d like my Eng to be able to take / deal damage rather than throwing heals. So, this Eng-heavy carrier looks interesting (plus I like its 'Monster D7' appearance.

Sooo, here's the planned setup:

Cdr Sci :Gravity Well 3, Transfer Shield Strength 3, Hazard Emitters 2, Mask Energy Signature 1
(hide with cloaked teammates while closing, throw some heals, and pin targets for the pets or team fire).
Lt Cdr Eng: Eng Team 3, Aux2SIF1, EPTS1
Lt Eng : RSP1, EPTS1
(Maintain constant EPTS cover, otherwise throwable heals for tanking or support)
Lt Cdr Tac : APB2, CSV1, TT1

Weapons : 3 x Disruptor Single Cannon, 3 x Disruptor Turret, 2 x Advanced BoPs
DOffs : 2 x Cardassian DEM Doffs, 3 x Flight Deck Officers (the reduce launch time variety)
Consoles : 2 x Disruptor Coil, 2 x Neutronium Alloy, 2 x Shield Heal Rate boost, Plasmodic leech, Tachyokinetic Convertor, Graviton Generator.
Honour Guard Mk XII shield, Borg Mk XI Deflector and Engines.

I like the idea of a "command ship" pinning and debuffing targets for others to finish off. Hence, APB2. With CSV and the DEM Doffs I would hope to be debuffing multiple opposing ships at once, or at least scything the pet spam and heavy torpedos; the plasmodic leech and Eng skills will hopefully let me run good power across Weapons, Aux and Shields at once. The Tachyokinetic convertor may look a bit weak, but it helps with handling (based on the similarly-clunky Bortas) and also buffs damage. I could add an Honour Guard deflector but given the colossal hull of the Carrier and lack of torpedoes, the Borg hull heal looked more useful.

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02-12-2013, 04:01 PM

Lt Cdr TAC: Tact Team 1(used with TSS 3), CRF 1, CRF 2

Lt Cdr ENG: EPtW 1, DEM 1, AuxtStruc 2 (15 sec rapid heal)

Lt ENG: EPtW 1, DEM 1

Cdr SCI: Jam Sensors1, Hazard 2, TSS 3, GW 3

I run 6 Disruptor turrets with 125 pwr (EPtW 1 + DEM 1 for damage) I stay around 3-5k and pepper the crap out o things for proc craziness. For pure DPS I rely on cycling ABOP out of the hangers (3x flight deck DOFF) as fast as possible for HY2 and CRF2. Also with all turrets I can spend more time with pet controls and keeping them from blowing up since I dont have to focus on maneuvering.
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03-08-2013, 03:19 PM
I'm not a fan of all the turrets. I prefer a more conventional weapon build:
Fore- 2 Plasma cannons (180deg), Borg torp launcher(90 deg) (I usually dont have a problem keeping targets in front of me)
Aft- 2 Plasma turrets, Kinetic Borg Array (all 360 deg)
Hangar- BoP and/or Shield regen

By the way, is it just me or does the mirror Vo'quv feel like its made of glass, Im working on a more hardy build w/ better eng consoles

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