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I'm new to the forums, so if there's a specific format for this sort of thing, just let me know and I'll reformat it.

This is my Vesta build for my Engineer (I run a Vesta on both my Engineer and my Science), and it is set up to tank damage, heal teammates, and deal decent damage (in that order).

I saw someone in another thread use this skill planner thing, so I figured I'd use it too and throw it up here. I know my skills aren't spec'd the greatest, so any advice on that would be appreciated. (Though keep in mind I switch between my Vesta and my Breen ship with an all plasma cannon/plasma torpedo build)

Power Levels:
Weapon - 68/40
Shield - 49/35
Engine - 46/25
Auxiliary - 125/100

Active Duty Officers:
-- 20% Chance to reduce torpedo cooldown by 5 seconds (Worthless on this ship, but I use it for when I switch to my Breen ship with the Hyper-Plasma Romulan torpedo)
-- 10% Damage against Borg
-- 35% Chance to reduce cooldown by 30% (Emergency power to subsystem ablities)
-- 35% Chance to reduce cooldown by 30% (")
-- 20% Chance to increase all power levels by +25 when using an emergency power to subsystem ability

Ok, so, weapons and consoles....

Aux Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII
Aux Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII
Omega Plasma Torpedo Launcher Mk XII

Advanced Fleet Phaser Turret Mk XII [Dmg]x3[CrtD]x1
Advanced Fleet Phaser Turret Mk XII [Dmg]x3[CrtD]x1
Borg Kinetic Cutting Beam

Shield - MACO Mk XII
Deflector - Assimilated Mk XI
Engine - Assimilated Mk XI

Engineering Consoles - Assimilated Console + Quantum Field Focus Controller

Science Consoles - Field Generator Mk XI (rare) x 3 + Sympathetic Fermion Transceiver

Tactical Consoles - Phaser Relay Mk XI (rare) x 3 + Multidimensional Wave-Function Analysis Module

Hangar - Shield Repair Units

And before you comment with your own thoughts, I'd like to give my own thoughts as to why I think this works, so let me know if you think you agree or not.
With the combination of Rotate Shield Frequency, Emergency Power to Shields, and my Shield Repair Drones, the ship can take a beating and survive. And with Hazard Emitters III being boosted by my Aux power, it heals for 22,600+ hull, and my Aux2SiF heals for 5,100, which can keep me (or others) in the fight for longer. The Shield Repair Drones heal shields like nothing else I've ever seen. They increase my own survivability immensely, and if I see someone get knocked out of the fight, I just send the drones after them, and once they get there, their shield are back up within seconds (assuming the person was using their own abilities to heal themselves. With the drones alone it can take longer to fully heal shields)
And should I ever come under extreme heavy fire, I have my "OH SH*T" button that gives me my perfect shield to get away, and Miracle Worker to put me right back into the fight. And since I have the drones and the healing consoles, I felt I could use the Lt.Cmdr Universal station for tactical to deal more damage.

That's my reasoning behind the build. Thoughts?

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02-20-2013, 12:23 PM
TOTALLY forgot to put in my shield/deflector/engine. Updated with that info now.
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04-02-2013, 10:09 PM
I honestly feel like the consoles that come with the vesta are not worth it...the cool downs are too long
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04-03-2013, 01:50 AM
Honestly, I'd say ditch the weapon power and pour it into shields instead - your main damage/the front weapons don't use it. The true secret of the Vesta is that it really shines with minimal weapon power - one of the reasons it's such an amazing torpedo boat.

Furthermore, I'd suggest using the entire borg shield set and speccing for regeneration. Regneration shields synergize very nicely with science ships. This was something I really underestimated until I tried it on a whim.. I was actually quite impressed.

Otherwise, bump that set console up from tactical to science and put in a fourth phaser damage console. You're trading weapon power for a damage console(which boosts the aux weapons - that weapon power doesn't impact anyway) and a bunch of shield performance for a field generator.

Really though, it's about whatever works for YOU. Sounds like you have something already that you like.
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04-03-2013, 02:10 AM
My Vesta is set up quite similar to yours, although I swapped out an aft turret for a Fleet MkXII phaser beam array. Even with weapons power on minimal (due to emphasis on aux) having at least one beam array fitted enables sub-system targeting.
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Nova/Rhode Island class with Hybrid Pilot BOFF seat.

That is all. (guess this wasn't really a 'list' after all!)

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04-03-2013, 02:33 AM
i think you can get more dps with 4 tactical consoles for phaser energy damage. you can drop the torp and go for 3 aux DHCs.
for the hangar i recomand the elite scorpions. the dps from that is amazing and at this point in pve all that matters is to survive and do dps. the surviving is not a big problem with the vesta so you need to focus a lot on dps.
you can drop 1 or 2 Field Generator consoles and put some romulan sience consoles that reduce the threat generation. in this way you will act less as a tank and more as a dps.

ps: another good option is to skill up the particle generators and use GW3, Quantum Field Focus Phaser, and isometric charge. i know the coldown is big on the last two and on the GW is like 50sec, but the dmg is huge and compensates the waiting.
the vesta consoles are the best of the best that you can get from the vesta pack.
the Quantum Field Focus Phaser can put 50k dmg (if you skilled up the particle generators) every 3 minutes. is a great asset in stfs.
the buble can save your butt. in additional even if you can't fire in buble you can still use your science abilities, like healing and GW.
the aoe healing is great for you and for your team as well. for exemple in federation fleet alert instance you can sit near the starbase and heal it if it needs.

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04-18-2013, 03:32 PM
Well first of all, aside from moving your Wave Function Module to science and placing another Phaser Relay in its place, I can't really fault your consoles. If however you want more resistance as opposed to more damage, you could move the QFFC to science instead and replace it with a neutronium.

Now onto your skills:
Any officer using science abilities should ALWAYS invest points into graviton and particle generators. I recommend at least 6 points in each, maybe 9 if you want to really maximise your BOFF powers. You could transfer those points from Attack patterns as you will not have enough tactical spaces to utilise them well enough to have 9 points in them. The 3 last points of any skill make very little difference, so i would suggest moving 3 points each from EPS and Warp Core Potential into the Generators. Combined with the Attack Pattern points, you should have 6 in each. Next, you will want to transfer some points into Power insulators as the Borg love using Tachyon Beam. Transfer 1 point from Inertial Dampers and 3 from Warp Core Efficiency (again, the last 3 points do nothing in comparison). 3 points in Weapon Performance might be good if you use low weapon power, but if you continue to have it high for your turrets (which isn't the best move in a Vesta), then move the points to have 3 in Projectile Weapons and 3 points in Susbsytem Repair. Nukara Reputation will more than likely have a ton of Tholians to deal with, and we all know how much they love to knock out weapons with their Phased Tetryons.
As a science vessel, the Vesta should always be tanking with it's shields, so I recommend moving points from Hull Plating and Armour Reinforcements to have 3 points in Shield Performance. I suggest only having 3 points in Inertial Dampers. The Borg will tractor you no matter what and breaking free a couple seconds earlier will make little difference in comparison to maximising your targeting and manoeuvres, especially since you can counter the Tractor Beam with Polarize Hull Plating. Having more than 3 points on Aux Performance seems like a bit of a waste since it will be maxed all the time and it will only add +10 power to the system at most if you max the skill, so I would say move 3 points to max out your Targeting and Manoeuvres along with adding another point to Subsystem Repair, 1 to Graviton Generators and 2 to Particle Generators. Unless you insist on having 3 points in weapons performance or 6 in aux performance, in which case, 6 will do for each of the generators. At this points you should have 1000 points left, so you might as well put it on Batteries.

Next, you BOFF powers.
Now I can only speak from a Science Officers point of view, but it seems your best option would be very similar. If you intend to use the Lt Cmdr Universal as a tactical slot, then you should have a tactical team along with 2 cannon abilities (entirely up to you which ones, although as the Vesta is not build to handle a lot of agree, i would suggest focussing your damage with Rapid Fire. Next, your Lt Tactical should include a second Tactical team and Torpedo High Yield (Another cannon power if you remove the Omega torpedo). Obviously keep your Lt Engineering as EPtS and RSP. Your Cmdr Science should keep your Hazard Emitter 3 and a GW2 might be a good idea as well, in addition to 1 Transfer Shield Strength (2 if you make the Ens Universal an Engineer for EPtX), and Polarize Hull.

I agree that you should make the most of the Assimilated Set for the shield regen. The Subsystem Targeting however, is not very useful against the Borg. It's only use is the chance to disable the subsystem, which IMO is too rare to be useful, and a beam array might as well be replaced with another turret to focus your damage. While the consoles might have a long CD, in my opinion they appear to be worth it, especially for the 3pc bonus of the Quantum Bubble. The Isometric Charge is a useful consoles against and in some cases might be worth sacrificing a Phaser Relay or the QFFC for, but I would just keep it in storage for the moment and swap it in when necessary. If you want to maximise your DPS, I would suggest going with the Scorpions, however if you find your shields are a bit weak, keep the repair drones.

If that build doesn't prove too well for you, this is the setup I use and it has served me well so far. http://skillplanner.stoacademy.com/?...vevestafinal_0 Note that it is again built for a science officer, so tweak it to suit your style as an engineer.

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