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# 1 favorite/best super hero MMO
02-21-2013, 05:03 PM
Hey there,

Anyone have any suggestions for someone trying to find a fun super hero MMO? I have tried champions and just couldn't get into it.

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# 2
02-21-2013, 06:15 PM
You could try DC Universe Online.

I think that's about it at the moment, as City of Heroes is no more...
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# 3
02-21-2013, 08:30 PM
Champions Online?

Hehe... I played DCUO until their account server got hacked and my account borked beyond recovery, then I switched to STO.

I have also played this game called Freedom Force vs the Third Reich a lot. BUT.... It's not an MMO. It's one of those older games that's a single player game with the ability to do multiplayer.

I can haz joystick!
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02-21-2013, 08:43 PM
The best super hero MMO was City of Heroes. DCUO and CO don't even come close to it. Although, part of that might be due to nostalgia.
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# 5
02-21-2013, 09:13 PM
I played DCUO on my Ps3 for a few weeks because it was something to do on my Ps3. I leveled a char to the level cap that looked very reminiscent of Ronald McDonald. Red Afro, evil clown face, yellow suit, red clown shoes, he even had a yellow M on his chest because the the character creator let you put alphabet decals on your toon. I named him "Macdonwald" and he worked for the Joker.

I refused to put any money into the game, which kind of gimped my character. This meant I got pwned every time I tried to PvP so I gave up after a while. Once I finished all the story missions there just wasn't much left to do. It was a great distraction for a few weeks, though.

Oh also, he looked awesome using the evil lantern power (I forget who the evil version of the green lanterns were, they glow yellow instead of green) but it would put him inside a glowing yellow sphere that according to game lore is powered by his sense of greed. It was so funny.
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02-21-2013, 09:18 PM
Just play STO in a heroic manner.
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# 7
02-21-2013, 09:48 PM
The most fun superhero MMO I've played was DC Universe, only because it was REALLY simple and I used a controller. Mouse and keyboard for it is beyond terrible.

I dabbled into Champions Online for a bit, but that game is more dependent on the C-Store to get any fun out of it.
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# 8 well..
02-22-2013, 03:46 PM
if it were still around I'd say City of heroes, but since that is gone there's Champions online or DC universe Online, of the two, DCUO's controls are more console/gamepad oriented, so CO is going to have a playstyle similar to here

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