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# 1 ehm.. KDF (tos) d-7 BRIDGE..
02-24-2013, 12:43 AM

Ya know... I wouldn't mind seeing a well crafted KDF interior set... I'd pay money for it in the zen-store.

We have 2 full Fed interiors.. the TOS connie, and the San Paulo/Defiant.

lets have a nice clean functional rational KDF ship interior?

Be nice to see a ship inerior for the KDF that isn't the ugly foggy stock versions (please to note Undiscovered country shots of the inside of the K't'inga... no fog!... the foggy atmosphere previously seen was to hide missing details...Klingon ships are not filled with smoke and fog..

Can we please dump the smoke and fog now?

We've seen several example of Klingon ships with well lit bridges. The color palets may be dark, with muted colors, but there was plenty of light. And even where there wasn't a lot of light the fog effect generally wasn't there.

Khemaraa sends
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