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# 1 MVAM pvp build
02-28-2013, 04:38 PM
Hey guys.
I need your opinion on this:

Weapons would be:
front - 2 DHCs, 1DBB and 1torpedo
aft - 2 turrets and 1mines
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03-03-2013, 12:40 PM
the link is not working anymore create it again please.
you should go for 3DHCs and 1 torp/4DHCs/3DBB and 1 torp. i think is much better to use only dhc or only dbb then dhc and dbb in the same time.
i say this 'cuz usually your boff's abilities are limited and you need to maximize them. if you go with DHCs you should try to get 2 scaters and 1 rapid fire, and with DBB you should go for beam overload and subsystem targeting

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