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Hello friends and fellow players, I'm Xean. A VA rank, longterm player and experienced team/guild leader in leading mmo's for the past decade. Some of you met me as prime speaker Saturday at the gathering in Hathon with community leader Brandon, where we talked about RP and community issues. Many great topics were discussed and the turnout was amazing. Wonderful to see players come together as they did. But Saturday's event is not the reason for my post here today.

I'm writing this because I am looking for 4 talented players of vision to establish a fleet. Not just any fleet, but one which meets the standards of enduring success I have set with past teams. These being:

- Dedicated leadership; experienced players who want more from the game than can be provided at the player level, have established goals and are not afraid to go the extra mile in service of their team and fellow members.
- Community; whether large, small or internationally varied, a sustained group sharing common goals enable a community-centered atmosphere leaving no player without someone they can rely on for live support and company in game.
- Rewarding; resources which are not wasted or sold to the highest bidder, but advance to secure game rewards for its members, such as starbase upgrades and fleet ships.
- Enduring; not fading to inactivity, but perpetually renewing and active for as long the game remains.
- Loyal; the true measure of a team's success, when players enjoy their stay and keep returning to play with their team.

Just some of the standards that make a top quality community. To make them a reality requires players equal to the task. The first 4 who join me will receive equal leadership rank as mine, with all powers and abilities thereof. Though I welcome all players to apply, I will evaluate each applicant individually according to the following qualities:

- Experience; a leader is called upon many times to answer and guide their members. If they don't know how in the first place, it means they're unprepared and often don't perform capably in a leadership role.
- Skill; the ones able to accomplish the most are those who can bring people together. Good communicators unite players and keep them motivated with good people skills... a must for any good leader.
- Integrity; any player can say anything but the best are those true to their word. As an honest person, I value honesty and appreciate players who use it.
- Committment; leading an enduring fleet is not for the short-term player. I am starting an adventure and will be here until it ends. Any fellowship I undertake will be with players as lasting as myself.
- Understanding of diversity; Star Trek is an international mmo and is best represented by those who can understand this diversity. I am multi-lingual and multi-lingual applicants are most welcome.

Apart from those qualities, I welcome all players, regardless of faction, race, nationality or gender. Whether you already have a fleet or not, no matter what species you are, this your chance to be part of a great opportunity. If you have been thinking of starting a fleet, this may be just the thing for you. All you have to do is copy, paste and fill the application below in reply to this thread. I will keep the thread open until I find at least 4 talented players. You may contact me in game anytime at: xean@xtern1ty.
I look forward to meeting you! Best of luck.

My full in-game name@handle:
My current rank:
How long have I played STO:
Am I lifetime player:
Approximately how much % of the game I have played:
What part of the game (missions, stf's, foundry, etc.) do you enjoy doing most:
Current time where I am:
I'm fan of Star Trek or just of the game:

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UPDATE: (From post is #10)
We are still looking for active, longterm players. Being the numerous fleets and their needs, the competition for players here is highly intense. I understand the vast majority of you prefer a fleet already built as opposed to building a good one, and many find my efforts at finding enduring founders for our fleet annoying. Since I began my search in earnest last week, I have received dozens of hate messages and been repeatedly placed on ignore, aside from zealous trollers in zone chat who seem to delight in making this search the hardest it can be. Some of you have called me a fraud, others a fleet stealer (being as I'm offering to lead beside other leaders, more on that below). Many of you have voiced your opinions that is impossible to create an active fleet with good players at this stage of the game, being as such players already lead their own or are part of other fleets. Though I understand you opinions and the reasons for them, I am not fazed by the antipathy, nor will be deterred from finding the right people for building a good fleet.

I am open-minded to new ideas however. To facilitate building the enduring fleet we are looking for with the limited players available, I'm willing to consider building with a fleet already formed. The key word is "with" and this is what it means:

- I will be granted immediate leadership (founder) rank, sharing all powers with current leader(s).
- Current leaders will continue to remain active and lead with me, remaining leaders in the same rank as me for as long the game is around.
- Current leadership will accept my plan for a 5-leader fleet.
- All leaders will work cooperatively and communicate regularly with each other, a goal I will make sure of.
- We will rebrand the current fleet with a new image consisting of new name, logo and messages for a community-themed fleet.
- Members of any fleet that may merge with the main one will retain their current rank.

If you are currently the leader of a fleet and you agree to the terms above, you can apply below or pm me directly in-game at xean@xtern1ty.

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My full in-game name@handle: Michael@quelthalas1
My current rank: VA (prefer for IC to play as Captain)
How long have I played STO: hmm... been around for a couple years now? off and on.
Am I lifetime player: next time there is a sale i will be!
Approximately how much % of the game I have played: 50% (Dont do much KDF and most of Fed Content)
What part of the game (missions, stf's, foundry, etc.) do you enjoy doing most: Missions, STFs, Foundry, justn ot pvp
Current time where I am: well I am currently in Mountain Village, (snowboarding with my brother) but I live in Atlanta
I'm fan of Star Trek or just of the game: Fan of TNG, TOS, Voyager. Deep Space 9... not so much :/

Just some additional information about me.

Served in the Merchant Marine for 9 years. Have been through Hurricanes AND Typhoons. Served on a LNG and Oil Tankers.

Dreamed of Space Travel all my life, enjoy reading Space Operas and other sci fi books.

Favorite Historical Book : A Rage for Glory.

Favorite Sport: Snowboarding, doing single black diamonds and double blues. Regular stance... not goofy!

Favorite Star Trek Character... Number One. AKA William Riker

Favorite Star Trek Ship: Within the Cannon Series of Star Trek, it would be the Enterprise J. (love the future)

Favorite Non Canon Star Trek Ship: (I know these ships DO exist in the series but they dont have them commanded by Federation Captains.) The Temporal Destroyer, and the Jem'Hadar Dreadnought.

Favorite Star Trek Enemy: The Undine. (Borg are so blatantly bland... assimilate this... assimilate that.)

If I could invent one thing... The Warp Drive.

Real name; Colin.

EDIT: Speak Fluent French.
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Merci pour le poste Colin!

I'm sure you'll make a fine Number One, but before we proceed to anything, I need to see a few more applicants. Starting a fleet the hard way like I'm doing can be challenging but it's ultimately far more enduring and stable than starting one where all the founders leave (which is usually the case, because players tend to make fleets for themselves rather than designed for others from the start). We'll keep in touch, I'll be in game and look forward to setting up a meeting. Perhaps we can go on a mission together

As for my fellow Captains out there, as you can see the search for STO talent is underway! If you've ever wanted to start a fleet with goals, a plan and a supportive team, this is your chance! If you already have a fleet that's practically inactive but has good facilities and you wish to share your facilities and rank to achieve a quality team, we look forward to hearing from you too. Just leave an application or pm me in game and we'll get in touch. Live long and prosper!!

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My full in-game name@handle: Mutius@mutiusvos

My current rank: VA

How long have I played STO: A few months still relatively new to the game; about 2-3 months

Am I lifetime player: no

Approximately how much % of the game I have played: I do a lot of "side questing" if you will, as well as exploring so in my 2-3 months of playing have only finished the "klingon war" so far and am just beginning "Romulan Mystery".

What part of the game (missions, stf's, foundry, etc.) do you enjoy doing most: Story missions mosty, I'm big on story, but am starting to explore more pvp, pve and foundry

Current time where I am: Current time is 11:23 pm USA Eastern time (new jersey)

I'm fan of Star Trek or just of the game: I'm a late blooming trekkie convert from Star Wars(still love star wars though). Thanks to netflix I've finished TOS, TNG, and related movies and am currently burning my way through DS9. I plan to continue with the rest of the spinoffs in due time.

While I am relatively new to the game, especially compared to others posting here, I have had a leadership or founding role in several guilds\clans in other games. Most notably being founding Council member in the Dark Angels Jedi Order* from the Jedi Academy star wars game. We were heavy on roleplay and so I have plenty of experience there. Though that game is now almost 10 years old the "Order" is still alive and kicking. I'm retired from that game so there would not be any shared time. I dedicated about 8 years to that clan before I decided to let it continue to grow without me.

I'm a committed loyal and hardworking and friendly individual both in real life and in game and would bring those qualities to the table for this fleet if given the opportunity. I recently graduated with a masters degree in engineering and balance my time between work and play. I enjoy soccer, reading, star trek and other scifi's and having a good time with good people. I'm looking for a real community atmosphere in a fleet and hope to meet some good people to share the star trek online experience with and to go where no one has gone before(virtually ).

Thank you

* (for reference)
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  • Jesu LaRoca / Sander / Alec Sander@sander233
  • V. Adm. / V. Adm. / Cmdr. (29)
  • Nine months
  • Lifetime Subscriber
  • Unknown. There's a whole galaxy to explore. I've played all of the storyline content so far but there is always more to come.
  • I love the Foundry. The day I discovered the Foundry was the day I signed up for life. Because long after Cryptic runs out of ideas, Star Trek fans will still have plenty of their own to share. I also enjoy the storyline missions and occasional PvP.
  • 2305 (PST)
  • I love Star Trek. I love every series, every movie. I'm a fan of science fiction in general, but Star Trek shows me the future that I want to live in. The only reason I held out on this game until the middle of last year was because I was afraid it would consume too much of my time. It turns out those fears were totally justified.

I've had bad experiences with fleets so far in STO. Or maybe its just bad luck. The first two I joined were far too casual. The third was over-the-top hardcore rp - they'd demote you in a flash if you didn't address a senior officer as "sir." The last one I joined as the starbase system was just getting underway. After three other people and myself (out of 40 members) built it up halfway through teir 2, the officers voted to disband the fleet. I've thought about joining other fleets but every one that looks like a good match for me has a silly name.

As a lone wolf though I do help out wherever I can; whenever someone asks for help in zone chat I am quick to respond. I can lead fleet actions and STFs and fill a variety of roles (healer, tank, damage dealer) with many different ships. I don't enjoy grinding, but I'm good at it, and I have stockpiled over 325k refinded dilithium and several thousand fleet marks to get a new starbase up and running.

The Last MMO I got really involved in was Pirates of the Burning Sea. I joined in early 2008 and quit in mid-2009. The reasons for my quiting were mainly the broken nature of the player-based economy and that they consolidated the game from six servers down to one. I had been in two fleets - a casual pirate fleet I joined my first day, and an RP British Navy fleet I joined a few months later with an alternate character on a different server. PotBS revolved around territory control PvP, so when they merged everything to a single server I was fighting against myself. The pirate fleet I joined was the largest on its original server. At its peak it had 180 active members. Due to my helpful nature (and possibly the fact that I quickly cornered the market on cannonballs) I was promoted to officer in short order and was made a leader for several months when one of the two original leaders took a leave of absence. I was something of a rising star in the British fleet but I wasn't with them long enough to reach a leadership role.

I work a 9-5 job (or actually a 0700 - 1600 job) as a test engineer for the US Navy. I am also a writer; I have published on military/espionage technothriller and I'm working on a followup. I'm in my late 20s, I live in Southern California (for now - I move around a lot in my line of work) and I am happily single.

I play RPGs as a way to develop characters for my novels. I immerse myself into a character and make choices based on that character's personality. So I respond very differently when playing as LaRoca or as Sander (or one of my KDF alts.) I'm generally a friendly guy, though I can be somewhat sarcastic depending on who I'm playing. But I always offer a helping hand to anyone who needs it, and I always look out for my friends.

Edit: I'm on most weekday evenings and weekends at odd hours.

- sander233

"Freedom is just a pretty idea unless it's backed by Force."

The Masterverse Timeline / Ten Forward Fanfics

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My full in-game name@handle: mira@aurun1
My current rank: VA
How long have I played STO: about 8 months or so
Am I lifetime player: not yet but i have invested alot of my own money into the game
Approximately how much % of the game I have played: everything Fed, no KDF yet, and no foundry, but thats goin to change this week
What part of the game (missions, stf's, foundry, etc.) do you enjoy doing most: stfs, missions, and pvp
Current time where I am: central
I'm fan of Star Trek or just of the game: both I have watched all of the series and movies

A little bit about me....In most mmos I go by aurun. I am a guy in RL. Im happily married and am a supervisor of a security dept. at a chemical plant. I have invested my own money into the game, and currently have 4 characters with a great fleet of ships. I have been a guild leader in the past in a couple of different mmos looking to take another tour in a leadership role. Hope to see you guys soon.


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