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# 1 Unknown entity deals damage??
03-16-2013, 03:45 AM
Just after the final shuttle took off in Mine Trap and we had the 12 second timer for the mission to finish, suddenly there was a large puff a smoke on the ground that dealt a ton of damage nearly killing me, and killing at least 1 player next to me.

I looked at the combat log and it said that an "unknown entity" did damage with a warp core breach. WTF? This was a GROUND mission. The only thing I could think of that would cause a warp core breach was a shuttle but it already took off and was far above us when this happened.

Screenshot as proof:

This isn't the first time I've seen something like this happen.

A while back I was doing Azura Nebula Rescue. I defeated the Tholians around a ship and proceeded to free the ship when I took a tiny amount (less than 100 points) of damage and was interrupted. I looked around and there were no enemies anywhere in sight because I defeated them all. I tried again to free the ship and again was interrupted. I waited a moment and started taking tiny amounts of damage every few seconds. I looked at the combat log and saw that an "unknown entity" was shooting me with plasma torpedoes. After about 30 seconds it stopped.

I've also seen this on at least 1 occasion in Infected: The Conduit Elite STF and it was right after we completed the mission. No enemies around but I was taking tiny amounts of damage from 'something'. Again, after about 30 seconds it stopped. It makes me wonder if this "unknown entity" is what causes 1 shot invisible kills in STFs. Never checked out the theory, but it makes me wonder.
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# 2
03-16-2013, 04:29 AM
Realy, don't trust the combat log.

When i am the only one who is using (plasma)mines, i can be shure, that the damage from the mines is dealt bye an unknown entity. The DoT of the mines too. Sometimes even the dot of my torpedos (plasma too) is not mine.
I don't want to say, that this will change with more players with plasma mines, but when I am the only one I KNOW it is my damage.
On the other hand when my science fleet is shooting at the enemys I do phaserdamage according to the combat log.

This is one reason why i never played the PvE where your place is juged from your dealt dmg.

But now to the space things, where the dmg possible was from.

I don't know if you have seen it, but if a player with an still active science fleet holoship or with activ fighters is leaving, it is possible, that this pets become mad and attack the former allies. They don't to this all the time and often they don't become hostile to all remaining players but some, but sometimes they do. They attack and deal damage. But from an unknow entity mostly-
Sometimes they disapear after a few secs, sometimes they have to be destroid.

Maybe someone remembers the undefeatable Wells Class vessels in the Nebula Rescue becomming hostile too. If i remember correctly, sometimes they where called an unknown entity too in the combatlog. Sometimes they even fought each other...

On the other hand after an sft (30s over or more, after most left) i saw my fighters chasing someting in space. Even shooting at it sometimes. But there was nothing. Some of them even took some dmg sometimes.
We know, that fighters know where invisible things are, they know where Donatara is for example.
Sometimes something explode, somtimes the fighters just calm down and come back.

It is possible, that, in space, this is bound together.
An former allied (NPC) Ship, that became hostile and maybe even invisible. Possible together with the nice idea to calc if a weapon will hit when its being fired and after that it says goodby and is gone.

But on the ground...
Yeah, possible the shuttle when it was, as an NPC, deleted from the map and became hostile.
Just be lucky it was not the space dmg.

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