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I've been using this set for some time now with good results, but i'm curious if there's anything i missed to help improve it.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.

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03-23-2013, 07:55 AM
I would consider using 3 turrets and cutting beam rear.

And I would either put a plasma projectime damage console instead of the isometric, or replace the isometric with the borg or romulan set consoles, and get a Field Generator (The one that gives maximum shield strenght bonus) .

Perhaps replace directed energy modulation with another power to shields (If you run with full weapon power)

But this all pure PVE, if you want a good PVP build I'm afraid I cant help you.
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03-23-2013, 08:08 AM
If you have APO (Which you do), then you could ditch one of your deuterium surplus stashes in your devices and swap it out for jevonite hardpoints. That would allow you free up one of your engineering consoles for an RCS, if you want to go that route. Yes, an RCS on a Chel Grett works pretty well. Mine turns really quickly and I'm just running the MK XI Borg set on it.

I'm not a fan of the Isometric charge, so I won't get into that. I like passive consoles.

It's just a suggestion, though. I'm running DHCs and a DBB, so I always need to be on target. The only time I'm not is when I need to bug-out in PvP when I'm the last person standing, and need to wait for my team to respawn.

As always, it's all about what you want to do with it and how you're "flying" style is.

I'm not all that good at recognizing the icons at a glance, so I can't say for certain on the rest.

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03-23-2013, 11:29 AM
Well, at a glance..

-I'd say bump the isometric charge up to where the.. tachyon grid?.. is and put in a fourth AP Mag.
-Drop the Bio Neural Warhead in the aft for a second AP turret.
-Replace Directed Energy Modulation for Reverse Shield Polarity or Aux to Structural Integrity Field. (If you're really wanting more damage, Attack Pattern Beta will take you much further than DEM ever will.)
-You're really not set up for draining, so Tyken's Rift is probably better off being replaced with either Transfer Shield Strength, a Tractor beam, or Repulsors(depending if you want ravage evasion or have extra point defense and zone control - both can synergize with gravity well).

On a side note, I generally suggest against using the Romulan Torpedo Launcher on any ship that uses DHCs. They use different playstyles that work too much against each other. Specifically, you want to get close with DHCs(and cannons in general), and afflicting yourself with plasma fire is far too easy with the rommie launcher given that all shots from it do splash damage(it does work wonders with gravity well, however).

Otherwise, I'd say longer term goals for the ship would be to look into getting a Tachyokinetic Converter(basically a second assimilated console with +turn speed), from the lobi store, to replace the Romulan console and possibly getting a Red Matter Capacitor for your devices - if picking up the collector's edition is an option for you.

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My advice is not too dissimilar to that already given. Drop all of the specialty consoles for passives. The breen ship is easily one of the better destroyers in the game.

One note I will add is that some Romulan Embassy consoles add plasma damage effectively giving you a fifth tactical slot while modifying threat AND bolstering shield repair. If you go plasma

The Porkchop Express build below gives me 7.5K consistently (just broke 10K for the first time). This build is in progress, and will add better Romulan consoles and bridge officers when available.

3x Romulan DHC Plasma
OMEGA Plasma Torpedo

Note: have two bridge layouts; one with torpedo spread, and one with all energy build. If I'm doing probe or Kang babysitting, I use the torpedo set-up for mob damage.

Omega Force Set

3x Fleet Plasma Turrets
1x Borg Cutting Beam

Devices: Shields Bat, Aux Bat, Deuterium

Engineering: 2x Neutronium VR XII, Borg Assimilated Module
Science: 2x Romulan Shield Emitter X (+8.9% Plamsa each), XI Field Emitter
Tactical: 4x Plasma Infusers VR X (cheap and effective)

Bridge Layout:

Ensign Universal, EPS1
Commander Tac: TT1, CSV1, TS3, APB3 (recent convert to APB, drops targets defences by -45 for everyone)
Lieut. Tac, TT1, CRF1
Lieu. Eng. EPS1, ET2
Science, Lt. Comm: ST1, PH2, Gravity Well 1

DOFFS: 2x Cannon recharge, 2x torpedo recharge, 1x damage vs borg

Playstyle: escort hit and run. Mob control with the GW, fire CSV to drop shields, then TS3. Omega tiorpedo spread are the best for AOE damage, clearing 3-4 probes in under 5 seconds.

Tried the Aux2Bat strategy, but found while the damage and speed bump was nice, the breen's hull had no recovery. Just too dangerous (or I wasn't a good pilot).

Alpha strilke at <5km: A + APB + [add your own] after shields drop or against gates, 32K spike.

My first build post. Be gentle

My Two Bits,

Admiral Thrax

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03-23-2013, 03:34 PM
First of all I'd like to thank everyone for the replies.
Second i must say i am somewhat dumbstruck by the hate towards the Isometric Charge.

A few things come to mind when reading the comments.
I'm running the Borg XII antiproton DHC which i got prior to Season 7 and though i realize that with S7 and the Romulan reputation some sweet new weapons became available the trusty Borg weapons did their job and from looking at their stats i simply did not find them (the new weapons) a worthwhile investment.

As you are probably aware the prices for the fleet weapons and XII romulan weapons are pretty steep and from time to time i see debates flaring up if they are not hugely overpriced compared to their abilities.

For the comment to add a shield boost, i play several elite PVE and sometimes PVP and i have rarely been in a situation where my shields were depleted so adding another shield boost seems like a wasted slot to be honest.

I added the Isometric charge because i got annoyed by pet spam in pvp (carriers) and i found that the combination of a grav well, CSV and Isometric Charge is a real killer of carriers and groups of spheres. In fact it has been the saving combo when someone popped a generator too early in infected for more times that i can count on these two hands.

The BioNeural warhead i use as a pseudo Point Defense System and when someone tries to get behind me it is a sure way to get their attention. Either they target the BNW first and give me time to send some love their way or they take a heavy hit. Personally i think the BNW has been the best investment for a rear weapon i've made in a while.

Last, but not least.. i set up the breen with a standard escort setup first (2-piece borg and maco shield) 3 turrets and DHC + torpedo. While that is a good setup (still use that on my advanced escort) i found that this set fits my flight style best.

The Omega set i have rarely used and that is something i will most certainly give a try.
Thanks again for the input.

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03-24-2013, 07:54 AM
I've got nothing against the Isometric Charge, it does very respectable damage and synergizes very nicely with Gravity Well. I think a lot of people just knock it because it's a situational weapon that requires multiple(3+) targets to get the full mileage out of.

BNW.. I like it for cruisers, but they work against DHC builds for similiar reasons as the Romulan rep launcher - It has a minimum required distance to be able to fire and you want to get up close and personal with cannons.

Reverse Shield Polarity is just a staple for me at this point, it's basically a full shield heal when you start taking heavy heat and will make your defenses difficult to crack when you combine it with brace for impact.

Really though, the important thing is about finding what works for YOU.

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