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# 1 Continuously scrolling up
01-13-2010, 10:55 AM
I've got a weird one here. No-one else seems to have got it, but I can't figure it out.

Basically whenever I open a window, the scroll bar will constantly shift up. when in Ground mode, the camera jams itself to the floor so I'm looking at my captains spotted head, and I can hardly move it before it snaps back into place. And when I'm in ship combat, my ship keeps flying straight up.

Now I can't figure this out. I''ve tried unplugging the mouse but it didn't seem to make any difference. I've swapped keyboards, which made it stop for a bit, but I just fired STO up again and lo - my ship is now trying to do a loop-the-loop.

I haven't changed any of the basic camera settings or anything, and I'm pretty much at a loss now as to what could be causing this.

Any ideas?

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