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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • The traits system has received a massive revamp!
    • Players will no longer pick trait points at character creation.
    • Current characters will be granted a free respec token for their traits.
    • At level 10, the new trait system will unlock.
  • Players now gain an additional point to spend on Traits at each new rank.
    • This allows players to have 1 required trait and 8 optional traits at Rear Admiral/Brigadier General rank.
  • A new category of trait has been added - Class-specific traits.
    • These traits enhance specific aspects of your class, and can only be chosen by Captains of that class.
    • There are two new space traits and two new ground traits for each class.
      • Engineer:
        • Space - Grace Under Fire
          • Whenever you are hit for more than 25% of your hull in a 5 second period, the cooldown on Miracle Worker is reset.
            • This effect cannot occur more often than once per 90 seconds.
        • Space - EPS Manifold Efficiency:
          • Using a Battery for one subsystem also gives 25% of its effect to other subsystems.
        • Ground -Nanomolecular Architect:
          • All pets you create have increased damage resistance and regeneration.
        • Ground - Shield Harmonic Resonance:
          • When you take damage, your shields start to adapt to the incoming damage, giving you a stacking Resistance buff to that type of damage.
            • Only one damage type can grant this resistance at any given time.
      • Science:
        • Space - Photonic Capacitor:
          • Science powers you activate reduce the remaining cooldown of Photonic Fleet by 15 seconds.
            • This ability cannot trigger more often than once every 15 seconds.
        • Space - Conservation of Energy:
          • When Energy Weapons hit your shields, your exotic damage has a chance to be increased by 10%, stacking up to 3 times.
            • Exotic Damage is any damage which is increased by the Starship Particle Generators skill.
        • Ground -Medical Vanguard:
          • All powers you use on allies give them perfect shields for 4 seconds, along with a moderate Shield Heal.
        • Ground -Field Researcher :
          • You gain a 25% damage bonus against targets affected by Control powers or Debuff powers.
      • Tactical:
        • Space - Last Ditch Effort:
          • While Go Down Fighting is active, you gain 10% Damage Resistance to all damage types when you attack a target, stacking up to 3 times.
        • Space - Crippling Fire:
          • Your critical hits reduce your target's Accuracy by 5%, stacking up to 3 times.
        • Ground - Situational Awareness:
          • All of your Grenade powers now expose their target in addition to their normal effects.
        • Ground - Strike Team Specialist:
          • Your damaging attacks give you a 2.5% bonus to Crit chance. This buff can stack up to 3 times.
  • Trait Rebalancing: A number of existing traits were too situational or too inconsequential compared to other choices.
    • These traits have either been given additional functionality or have had their magnitude increased to make all traits competitive choices.
    • These changes are as follows:
      • Fury
        • The damage scaling on Fury has been changed.
        • It now is active at all times, but ramps slowly up to a 5% damage bonus at half health, and then scales much more quickly as your health gets closer to zero.
      • Limited Telepathy
        • In addition to its previous effects, this trait will widen your own flank arc to 90 degrees up from 60 degrees, preventing you from taking Flank damage from attackers within that arc.
      • Acute Senses
        • In addition to its previous effects, this trait now also reduces the damage you take from flanking attacks.
      • Covert
        • In addition to its previous effects, this trait now increases the bonus flanking damage your character deals.
      • Physical Strength
        • Physical Strength's bonus to melee damage has been increased from 10% up to 15%.
        • In addition to its previous effects, this trait now gives your melee attacks a chance to knock down your target.
      • Mental Discipline
        • Characters with Mental Discipline now gain an additional click power with a 240 second cooldown.
        • Using this ability immediately removes all Hold effects from the character.
          • This power can be used while held.
      • Stubborn
        • Characters with Stubborn now gain an additional click power with a 240 second cooldown.
        • Using this ability immediately removes all Confuse and Placate effects from the character.
      • Sure Footed
        • In addition to its previous effects, this trait now makes you immune to Roots while in Aim mode and immune to Knock effects while in Crouch mode.
      • Cold Blooded
        • Now provides resistance to all Plasma damage, instead of just Plasma DoTs.
      • Creative
        • This trait has been redesigned.
        • It now provides a 20% bonus to all Heal and Shield Heal powers.
      • Warp Theorist
        • This trait's tooltip has been clarified to better describe what type of powers it will affect.
      • Techie
        • This trait's tooltip has been clarified to better describe what type of powers it will affect.
      • Astrophysicist
        • This trait's tooltip has been clarified to better describe what type of powers it will affect.
  • Species Required Traits:
    • All species now spend only one trait point on their Species trait.
    • This trait combines a number of species characteristics into a single package for each species.
    • In most cases, species which previously had two or three required traits have had all those traits combined into a single trait.
  • Species Optional Traits:
    • A number of species have gained access to new optional traits to increase the parity between trait pools of existing species.
      • Andorians now have access to Covert.
      • Bajorans now have access to Sturdy, Elusive, Aggressive, and Mental Discipline.
      • Benzites now have access to Resilient.
      • Betazoids now have access to Lucky, Sturdy, and Covert.
      • Bolians now have access to Stubborn, Sturdy, and Covert.
      • Caitian now have access to Stubborn.
      • Ferasans now have access to Stubborn.
      • Ferengi now have access to Elusive.
      • Gorn now have access to Acute Senses, Covert, Creative, and Lucky.
      • Humans now have access to Aggressive, Mental Discipline, Elusive, and Soldier.
      • Klingons now have access to Aggressive, Elusive, Physical Strength, Acute Senses, and Creative.
      • Liberated Borg now have access to Techie.
      • Nausicaans now have access to Elusive, Sturdy, Soldier, Creative, and Covert.
      • Orions now have access to Acute Senses.
      • Pakleds now have access to Acute Senses.
      • Rigilians now have access to Elusive.
      • Saurians now have access to Astrophysicist and Techie.
      • Tellarites now have access to Elusive, Covert, and Soldier.
      • Trill now have access to Sturdy, Covert, and Lucky.
      • Vulcans now have access to Elusive.
  • Updated Leadership:
    • This trait now provides a scale .3 Regeneration bonus in-combat, and a scale .6 Regeneration bonus out of combat.
    • This power no longer scales off of your amount of crew alive or off your skill points spent in hull repairs.
      • Its effectiveness is now constant.
    • Leadership's out-of-combat regeneration rate no longer persists during Combat as well.
    • Leadership no longer gives regeneration for having 100% of crew alive regardless of how much Crew damage the ship had taken.

Warp Cores:
  • All ships in the game now have a Warp Core slot.
    • All KDF and Starfleet vessels use Matter/Antimatter Warp Cores.
  • The way in which Warp Speed in Sector Space is calculated has been updated.
    • It is now based off the level of your ship's Warp Core, instead of off your captain level.
    • Additionally, the scale of Warp Speed throughout the game has been recalculated to allow players to go faster in Sector Space but maintain Warp 10 as the fastest displayed non-Transwarp speed.
      • A speed that previously displayed as Warp 7 now displays as Warp 5, but is actually the same speed.
      • This means captains moving at Warp 10 will now reach their destinations more quickly than they could before.
  • Warp Cores of every rarity now drop from space combat throughout the game. As your Warp Core increases in rarity, it gains additional pools of possible enhancements to add to your ship.
    • All Matter/Anti-Matter Warp Cores increase the Maximum power of either Shields, Engines, or Auxiliary by 5.
    • Uncommon quality Warp Cores add a bonus of 15 to an Engineering-related skill.
      • There are six possible enhancements you can receive on a green warp core:
        • Driver Coil
        • Starship Batteries
        • Warp Core Efficiency
        • Subsystem Repair
        • Electro-Plasma Systems
        • Starship Engine Performance
    • Rare quality Warp Cores add a synergy bonus between one power system and another.
      • For example, one possible Rare enhancement will give you bonus Weapon power equal to a percentage of your current Engine power.
      • There are twelve possible enhancements at the Rare level.
    • Very Rare quality Warp Cores add a new power to your useable powers, a Capacitor.
      • Capacitor powers function as reusable batteries that don't occupy a device slot, but have a longer cooldown and lower magnitude of effect than a standard battery.
      • There are four enhancements at the Very Rare level, one for each battery type.
  • Mk XI and XII Warp Cores of all qualities gain one additional travel-related enhancement that increases the usefulness of your Slipstream or Transwarp abilities.
  • A selection of Warp Cores can be purchased from Energy Credit vendors in most social hubs, as well as through the Dilithium store.
  • All told, the Warp Core slot is designed to add a lot of choice in how you configure your ship's power settings and Engineering abilities.
    • There are tens of thousands of possible cores out there to find and use, and tons of new builds to make with them, so good luck and happy hunting!

  • Smoke Grenades should now properly have a chance to exploit the target.
  • Gateway: The "Back" button on the Fleets screen in the mobile interface will now take players back to the Front page.
  • Updated Go Down Fighting:
    • This now requires you to be below 50% hull before activating.
    • While Go Down Fighting is active, all of your outgoing attacks now have a chance to increase your Resistance to all damage by 5%.
      • This buff stacks up to three times.
    • The new Tactical Captain trait Last Ditch Effort enhances the effectiveness of these Resistance stacks.
  • Rapier: Updated so it now completes correctly in the wormhole and in the Rapier when scanning anomalies or rescuing hostages, respectively.
  • Forging Bonds: Updated so that the mission will now reliably complete successfully while on the ground and in the base interior.
  • You can once again select Bridge Officers as mission rewards.

  • Color schemes: You can now pick from a variety of color scheme options for the UI.
    • To choose a new color scheme, open the Options menu and navigate to the "basic" tab.
      • Click on the "Color Scheme" drop down list and choose your preferred scheme.
      • Click "Apply" to apply your change.
    • Any faction can use any color scheme.
    • Choosing the "Default" option will set the faction-appropriate color scheme.
      • For Starfleet players, this is "Federation."
      • For KDF players, this is "Klingon."
    • Options available are: Federation, TNG, Voyager, Klingon, Gorn, Orion, Romulan and Reman
  • Updated the chat UI:
    • Right-click chat channel selection works again.
    • Right-clicking a player@handle will now open the correct menu.
    • Updated the position of the chat tab drag drop indicator to prevent double arrows from appearing.
    • Dragging a chat tab will now use a speech bubble icon instead of a white square icon.
    • Custom chat channels are again listed in the channel listing.
    • If a chat tab displays tells, the tab will also display the text entry.
  • Updated the map and minimap:
    • Made all map icons, arrows, and waypoints opaque.
    • Changed color of priority mission waypoint and arrow to be yellow to match the color of priority mission text name on the mission tracker UI.
    • Changed color of open mission waypoint and arrow to be green to match color on open mission tracker UI.
    • Updated the look of mission waypoints to read better at smaller sizes.
    • Updated the look of the waypoint arrow - made it larger and faction neutral.
    • Added a "neutral" entity icon to the map.
  • Updated the character select screen:
    • Added a light beam to character select.
    • Player's ship will be shown on the character select screen.
    • Player's active costume will show on character selection screen, instead of always using the first costume.
  • It is no longer possible to choose anything other than Uniform during character creation.
    • The other options were non-functional and caused creating a new character to fail.
  • All Duty Officer packs in the player's inventory will now appear in the Request Duty Officers tab.
  • The border of the shield status indicator is now brighter.
  • This border will no longer change color during red alert.
  • The Full Impulse button on the throttle is now referred to as a Quantum Slipstream Drive in sector space.
  • Shifted the default position of the ground self-status down slightly to make room for the expanded skill boost UI.
  • Changed window shape of self-status to have a rounded corner in the upper right.
  • Updated the look of interact progress bar to match new UI style.
  • Added a Heal All button to the Injury window.
  • Added extra thickness to the glow border for weapons set to auto-fire.
  • Dilithium Store: Disruptor, Polaron, Tetryon, and Antiproton weapons will now have both Cannon and Beam options.

Known Issues:
  • Players on Windows XP may have problems with the game not accepting mouse and keyboard input.
    • There is a workaround for this.
      • Open your launcher.
      • Click on Options on the top right.
      • In Advanced command line, enter the following:
      • -enablerawinputsupport 0
      • Click OK and launch the game as usual.
  • Icons for Traits are still works-in-progress.
  • Creating a new Klingon character has been temporarily disabled.
    • This includes the Create Content character creation.
  • Romulan gameplay isn't available.
    • Any information seen in-game regarding them should be considered placeholder.
  • Upon first logging in, you may see your Foundry characters appear in the list of characters to choose from.
    • This is just a display issue, and they'll be properly shown only in the Create Content section after logging in and out.
  • Contact dialog windows are being updated and are a work in progress.
  • After transferring a character from Holodeck, some players may find they're missing inventory items.

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Those Warp cores look interesting. In addition to drops, will we see them sold (such as in Dil Stores, Reputation System, Fleet System)?
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04-02-2013, 04:30 PM
Warp cores
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04-02-2013, 04:32 PM
The shard is locked
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04-02-2013, 04:35 PM
Anyone find an eta on the Shard being unlocked?
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04-02-2013, 04:37 PM
been a while since i got rick rolled by cryptic
There is no QA there is only ZUUL

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If i Transfer now a Caracter to Tribe it loses all thinks it had in Bank and Personal Bank and its Shield, Armor, Weapon, Kit and all other
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You made quantum slipstream drive wirk off the full impulse button! Yay! I saw someone suggest that last week and here it is!
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Originally Posted by atatassault View Post
Those Warp cores look interesting. In addition to drops, will we see them sold (such as in Dil Stores, Reputation System, Fleet System)?
A selection of Warp Cores can be purchased from Energy Credit vendors in most social hubs, as well as through the Dilithium store.
this should answer your question for the most part although I do expect us to see warp cores come to fleet stores as well.
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I love the way that the colors phase as they change when you pick a UI color style.

Details like that are awesome.

edit: Also, Events reputation?

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