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# 1 Bugs and issues so far
01-15-2010, 10:46 AM
Here is a short report in what I have found so far: Some of these may already be known issues, some may be new.

Graphics issues

* On your main character - if you right click your body armor - you can choose whether or not it displays. However, on your away team, you are given the same option, but regardless of what you choose, body armor will not display on team members.

* Cannot purchase anything higher than an ensign pip from the customization NPC on any starbase Ive found so far.

Quest issues

Explore the Delta Voltanis cluster missions:

* The mission where you hail a distressed shiip and have to fight off the orions. The battleship at the end of the encounter is virtually impossible to defeat. I am lvl 7, i have Mark II gear, I use devices and fairly sound tactics but that ships shields regenerate so fast I cant beat it. Either knock its difficulty down (it cons as "very weak" but it isnt) or replace it with a smaller shiip.

* The mission where you are asked to deliver supplies to a distressed planet is very unclear. You hail the planet, they ask for supplies and you agree. Then.... nothing.... no white circle in space telling me where to go. No option to beam down and help. Flew around for about ten min then my tactical officer says "theres nothing in system do you wish to depart" /shrug - ok. Saw others complaining in sector space about the same one.

* This last issue isnt so much a bug as a request for diversity. There are evidently 4 types of missions in the "explore sector" theres the two above as well as beam down and fix the 4 artifacts, and kill X number of ships. That doesnt feel like exploring to me. Its more like a grind. Particualry when two of the missons are not doable I just kept zoning into new unknown systems until i got the ones I needed to finish the larger mission.
Also - if this is an "unknown system" then why do the (rather odd looking) aliens put out calls for "Federation help" and greet us like we are old friends?

Overall im enjoying the game, and yes, I realize this is beta - hence my reporting the above issues.

That's all for now....
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 2
01-15-2010, 10:55 AM
Oh - almost forgot -

Ive done the distressed ship mission (and failed on the last ship) as four separate sectors

The relief mission ive done three times and somehow managed to get credit for one delivery - but no idea how.

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