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01-15-2010, 01:10 PM
So, a friend and I decided to team up for the first time last night, and we ran off to deliver a Vulcan ambassador to the P'Jem system. We all know how that ended. A series of unfortunate events ensued.

First, I was destroyed in the system, which caused my teammates computer to crash (apparenlty it was on my ship. Oops). So I exited the system and waited for him to rejoin. A little miscommunication occured, and he killed all the klingons before I re-entered the system.

We both beamed down to the planet. Me first, in ship form,naturally, before transforming to my humanoid shape. Then he joined me, again ship first, then humanoid. Amusing, but nonetheless a bug.

Sadly, our away team decided to not join us. We figured, no problem. Big mistake. After dying a couple times (not a bug, just bad tactics) we requested reinforcements. Strangely it was his BOff and a bunch of security guys (not what we'd selected before beaming down).

Ground mission went pretty smoothly. Then things got weird when we went to beam up. I got into orbit, but he hung in the loading screen. So, after getting my aft section handed to me by the Urdine, I hung out in system waiting for my pal so we could both get credit for the mission. He came back, we warped out, and my mission screen showed that the mission was incomplete. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!

I did it again solo and got credit that time.

Then I headed off to Starbase 24 to see what that was all about. Destroyed the 50 ships (credit given) did not destroy enough battlecruisers, but got the hail to beam down to the station. Did that, finished that mission, beamed back. Then my system crashed on the loading screen.

When I got back in, I still had the "destroy battlecruisers" objective, as well as the "go to rally point." Not knowing what to do about the rally point (now I do thanks to my forum-mates), I started blasting away until the Klingons decided I was worthy of Sto-vo-kor. Upon respawning, I no longer had credit for the 50 ships destroyed, and the battlecruiser counter had reset.

Now that I know about the rally point, I'm going to try going there and see if it completes the mission, but I fear I might have to do the whole thing all over again, just like the Vulcan ambassador mission. Grr.

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