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Old Post. New Audience. Enjoy.

Andrea Petros woke to the sounds of battle.

The Intrepid-Class ship Diego, so fresh off the docks you could still hear the dock workers cursing at her, was being shaken down by an experienced command crew and over one hundred newly-minted Starfleet personnel, the joke being the ships life support was still venting baby-powder out of the mid-shipmen’s births. They hadn’t even left the Sol system.

Andrea had to pry open her door. The youngest of the command staff, also fresh off the Academy grounds, Andrea was being groomed for the big chair, and a patrol along the Romulan Border. Her training simulations had shown an almost psychic understanding of the battlefield, and a cool head under fire.

The door forced open, Andrea found crew on the floor everywhere. Smoke hung in the air and the primary lights were flickering. A jolt and muffled thunder shook the ship, and the new crew sat on the floor of the hallway, horrified.

“Get to your stations! Get moving, or I’ll shoot you myself!” It was a little thick, but she knew fear of battle could spread throughout the ship, and that would be the end of all things Diego.

The sound of the weapon hitting the shield told her volumes. Too low of a rumble for Romulan disruptors, too concentrated in duration for Klingon beams. Only one race threw a disruptor like that, capable of being felt through the shields: It had to be the Borg.

Allen Skagg was at the turbolift as she ran up. Allen was a wizard at the sensor board, and one of the best analysts at the academy. He could do things with computers that many instructors still debated. It was Allen that stopped her before she ran into the lift doors. “Don’t bother.”

“We can take the ladder in section 3…”

“I mean, don’t bother heading to the Bridge.” Allen activated the wall monitor and brought up a damage display of the ship. The Bridge section only showed a black outline, and everything under it flashed red.

“Oh my God, the Bridge…”

“It was Shift Change.” Allen’s calm statement burned into her stomach. First and Second Watch, all destroyed. “They knew when and where to hit us.”

Andrea was in charge. She quickly verified with the ship’s computer as she ran for the auxiliary control room. “Watch 3 to Aux-Con.” The computer reported there was one officer on-board with higher command rating. “Bridge to Engineering, Lieutenant Grayson, please report.”

“Power still functional, command codes transferred to the Aux-Con.”

“Lieutenant Grayson, Sir…”

“No. I’m needed right here. Take charge, Petros.”

“Aye, Sir.”

“No shirking for you.” Allen activated his console and the controls moved across the display until they matched his personal configuration.

A young Andorian male was already clearing debris off the navigation console, and an Orion Female was punching data into the weapons console. Officers Aquella and Vernes, although that’s not what Andrea called them during Simulation.

“Blue, 180 mark 0. Green, weapons check. Allen, tactical.”

“On screen, said Allen as Vernes added, “All weapons on-line.”

The front view screen illuminated and Andrea saw her opponent looming. Borg Cubes get a lot of press, but a Borg Sphere can ruin most ships in the Federation.

Allen brought up a display on her personal view-screen. “Looks like the shields were down when the initial attack took the Bridge. They must have come out of Trans-Warp right on top of us.”

“Where’s Sparks?” Sparks was the nickname for Knust, the Comm officer. “Allen, send code 9, Blue… 0 by 345, best speed.”

The Diego angled up fifteen degrees and headed past Mars at near-light speed, the Sphere in close pursuit.

“Aft Torpedoes, Fire!” Two angry red balls of fire arced into the sphere, covering it with fire.

“No noticeable affect.” Allen continued to stare into his monitors as another disruptor bolt smashed hard into the rear shield.

“They are trying to match our shield frequency!” Green Shouted.

“Rotate shield harmonics. Allen, something I can use.”

“They aren’t trying to tractor us, and they should be faster than we are, although they aren’t gaining.”

“Did… could we have somehow pulled them out of a Trans-Warp Conduit?”

“We might have been going to Warp right in their path. It could have disrupted their field and pulled them into normal space.” Andrea heard Allen punching figures into his console. “I’m reading some kind of noise from their reactor at 216.21 gigahertz.”

“Green, configure Phaser frequency to 216.21 gigahertz.”



The beam lanced out from the underside of the Diego and impacted against the sphere. At first, nothing appeared to happen, but a long heartbeat later green plasma began venting from the rear starboard of the dark green Sphere.

“One of their injectors is off-line.”

“Aft Torpedoes, Fire!” Again twin red orbs arced into the Sphere, but this time some of the fire seemed to stick.

“Moderate Hull damage, no forward disruptor fire evident.”

Andrea was about to give the order to turn and fight when an explosion launched her into the air and over the navigation console. She landed under the primary display screen.

“Engineering to Bridge, they’ve hit us with some kind of graviton pulse. Warp drive is off-line, and the dilithium injector is fused!”

Everything was beginning to go black, a dark tunnel was quickly closing around her.

“Into… asteroid.” Then everything went black.

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A blurred white light began to focus into ceiling lights. Andrea was aware of someone holding her hand.

“I’m not sure that’s regulation.”

“Nonsense. I’m merely taking your vitals.” The hand holding hers quietly slipped to her wrist.

A new voice chimed in. “I have told Lieutenant Skagg several times my monitoring systems are fully functional.”

“Status, Mister Skagg.”

“We managed to make it into the asteroid field, near observation post L9. Was that your intention?”

“We need a stronger signal to break their jamming.”

“How did you know we were being… never mind.”

Andrea’s vision finally cleared. Allen was there on her right, supposedly taking vitals, and a small, bald man was standing at the foot of her bed, smiling just a little.

“Are you the EMH?”

“Please state the nature of the medical emergency,” the man said with a smile.

“Is Doctor Teinstien…”

“He’s fine,” the EMH said with more than a little comfort in his voice. “There were 38 wounded, and the Doctor needed my assistance.”

“I always heard you EMH’s were… um.”

“EMH matrix 2.4, at your sevice. We were all upgraded significantly when Voyager returned from the Delta Quadrant.”

“Well, thank you, Doctor, but I must be getting back…”

“Right. This is where you try to shut me off and resume your duties before I have stabilized your concussion. Command protocols were also upgraded, too bad for you. I have you for another 10.4 hours, whether you agree or not. I will allow you a PDA if you don’t cause trouble.”

Andrea started to argue, but immediately thought better of it. “Thank you Doctor. As for you, Mister Skagg, I think there are duties that require…”

“My attention. Don’t worry, I have my own little control panel right here.” He touched his communicator. “Command staff report to Sick Bay.”

The refitted Intrepid design housed one of the most complex holographic systems in Starfleet. While Andrea and Allen were in the Sick bay, all the other staff members appeared as projections from wherever they were working at the moment.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please excuse my appearance. Mr. Grayson, report.”

“We lost the entire dilithum injector. The good news is we were scheduled to do a field repair on the system as part of our training class, so we’ll be back to main power in about an hour. Rear shields are a mess, but I can replicate a replacement once I get main power back online. 2 hours for install and 6 for calibration.”

“Mister Skagg.”

“They are still searching for us. Without a power signature from the engines they seem to be having issues locating us due to the Cobalt content of the asteroids. We are 700 clicks from listening post L9. The fact that Starfleet hasn’t launched a rescue operation suggests they do not know that the Borg ship is here.”

“Meaning possible long-range stealth technology. Mister Aquella.”

“Manuverablitly is limited, and deflector output is at a minimum to avoid detection. We are using very-low hull-close shielding to protect from impact, and trying to roll with the impacts to maintain our secrecy.”

“Mister Vernes.” Andrea always felt strange calling the Orion woman, “Mister,” but that was how Vernes wanted it.

“Minus 4 class 1 Torpedoes. All emitters still on-line, just missing power. Once power comes back we’ll need to energize the capacitors.”

Andrea thought for a second. “No, we’ll be deep in it when power comes back online. Mister Grayson, cut life support to all cargo bays you are not working in, and begin to feed power to the phaser capacitors. We’ll need full weapons when the Borg find us. Mister Vernes will assist. Once the injector is repaired leave it offline until we are ready to fight.”

“That rear shield assembly won’t take another hit.”

“Use the starboard-rear assembly. We’ll keep our port and rear to them next time.”

“Expect 2 hours for the swap.”

Andrea paused until everyone was looking at her. “You may have noticed I did not ask Mr. Skagg to detail the enemy ship. The truth is she is more than likely fully recovered from any damage we gave her. We do have some knowledge of her power system, and we will work to exploit that. Honestly we are in for the fight of our lives, and we can’t let this thing get away with what we know.”

“Wait, what do we know?” Mister Aquella querried.

“Well, what I have guessed, and Mr. Skaggs has probably formulated. It’s all I can say, except we must make port. Progress reports in five hours, dismissed.”

“What do I know?” Allen took out his PDA and began tapping in the log of the fight.

“Computer, command authorization Beta-seven-one-Alpha. Secure this bay with a type 2 force field and disable all recording devices.”

A field flashed into place around Andrea and Allen. “Bay Secured.”

“Allen, we pulled a Borg ship out of Transwarp.”

“You think we pulled a Borg ship out of Transwarp.”

“I need to know for sure. Go to aux sensor control and pull everything. Make a copy, and delete the records off the main computer. Prep a class 7 probe, and download our logs and the info. Set the probe with a 10 hour delay.”

“You don’t think we are going to make it, do you?”

“What I think is that they are going to remember us, long after we are dust in the stars.”

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Above the debris of the asteroid belt, hiding in its shadow so that only the sickly green conduit lights could be seen, the Borg Sphere patiently shadowed its smaller prey. Charging into the field would give the Earth ship an advantage. After 7 hours, the predator began firing gravitic charges into the asteroids to shake the prey loose of them.

The Diego leapt from the debris and angled directly towards the Sphere, launching red and blue tiny suns. The red spheres were Photon Torpedoes with a standard configuration for damage. The Blue spheres were set to a frequency that was out of phase by 180 degrees. The red spheres caused no damage, but the blue sphere, although not as strong due to the modifications, caused the sphere to give pause briefly.

The Phasers from the Diego fired while the Sphere pondered briefly, set to attack the Sphere’s previous weakness, to no affect. A second beam fired anew from the underside of the Diego, its orange-yellow glow turned an almost blood red, and scoring could be seen on the hull of the green monster.

The sphere fired its beam at the Diego, immediately sending it spinning end over end. A green orb shot into the shields of the Diego, and the warp activation sequence on the Diego was interrupted.

A wide beam locked onto the Diego, sapping its shield strength and holding her in place.

The phasers rang out again, and the Sphere shrugged off the flickering beams, then the Diego went dark, her shields began to fail, her weapons power began to fail.

“We are the Borg. Lower your shields…”

A blinding white light out of the Diego erupted and pulsed through the Sphere. The monster suddenly seemed disoriented as it listed, spinning lazily until old damage could be seen again.

The Diego slowly turned back into the asteroid field, launching several torpedoes from the rear. The first 2 did no serious damage, but the last two exploded angrily across the hemisphere, scouring away hull and showing exposed green conduits underneath.

A last ray lashed out from the Diego into the damaged Sphere as green plasma exploded outward, sending it in a lopsided spin north of the solar plane.

Smoke filled the bridge. Allen pulled what remained of Blue off his console and stopped their forward advance into the now deadly asteroid field.


Static filled the bridge speakers. “Warp Engines… faster than .9 and we’ll… All forward shield emitters… Aft starboard launcher…”

“Activate EMH!”

A wobbly cloud appeared in front of her. “Please shtaaaate the nurrrrr….” And faded away.

“Allen, are we stable in the field?”

“From what I can tell.”

“Get on sensors and tell me what just happened.”

“The alternating frequency ideas on the torpedo and phasers did their part, and the subspace static pulse did seem to disorient them in the end. Our shields were no match for their weapons at full power.”

“Bridge to Sick Bay.”

There was no response.

“Looks like we lost internal communication. It looks like our last salvo cost them thruster control. I see them floating up at 180 by 90.”

“What the hell is Starfleet doing? There is no way they can’t see that, stealth or no."

“I just checked the package I set in the field as you requested. It’s gone.”

“Gone as in we lost sensors?”

“Gone, as in the sensors may be the only thing working right now.”

“How… I…” Andrea stabilized herself. “Make for outpost L9 at best safe speed.”

The Intrepid Class Ship Diego, only one day earlier was so new you could still feel the heat from the umbilical cord, showed wear beyond its time. One warp nacelle stuck in the warp position, one stuck in the pre-warp stage, with flashes of blue every now and again as the engines fought to come online. The entire upper saucer of the ship was a blackened scrap yard, and small dots along the hull identified the shield emitters that had burned themselves out protecting the ship. The saucer array was the only deflector working, with the primary array burned out with the subspace pulse.

On one of the larger asteroids in the Earth system was post L9. Built during the height of the Klingon-Federation cold war, it had seen few upgrades since the first peace talks were signed. Minimal defenses and power signature meant it had survived invasions by whale-loving probes, a Dominion strike force, and two separate Borg incursions.

Old-style locking wheels spun open as Andrea made her way into the dank facility. Her thick pressure suit gloves fumbled around for the code to grant life to this old forgotten hut.

“A-Airlock sealed,” the voice stuttered. Andrea wondered often who was the original voice for Starfleet computers. Even this old rust-box used the same voice as her ship.

“Lights.” There was no response, and Andrea realized there must be a manual switch nearby. She was beginning to wonder if she was going to have to use smoke signals to get her message through.

The dated systems were a bit dusty, but she was relieved when the transmitter station came online. She turned the power output of the old reactor to max power and sent her data streams.

She knew there would be no reply, no amount of power from her end would boost reception through whatever static the Borg Sphere was still putting out.

They may have lost the initial data, but she had guaranteed Starfleet would know about the subspace pulse, and alternating weapon phase frequencies to turn the Borg’s obsession with perfectly tuned defenses against them.

She headed back to the airlock as the entire asteroid shuddered under her feet. “Allen, what’s happening?” Silence filled her suit as she saw the airlock wheel spinning open. She pressurized her suit just in time as the door opened, sucking all the air out of the facility.

Half of a pasty face looked at her, one eye yellow and seemingly unused, while the second eye-socket was covered in a black apparatus Andrea couldn’t identify. Its skull had long since lost hair, and the skin around the skull implant had puckered and scarred in a grotesque attempt to push the alien hardware away.

One hand deathly white, the other a sharp claw.

Even though there was no air in the room, she could hear its voice as a targeting laser on its arm drifted across her pressure suit.

“We are the Borg. Resistance is futile.”
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Andrea grabber her phaser and fired, making the Borg’s personal shield appear briefly as it blocked the blast.

Her next shot was into the ceiling, which thanks to artificial gravity, fell with several tons of force. Changing the setting on the phaser she melted the debris into one giant lump of obsidian.

The transmitter console was still online. She connected to the external sensors to see the Diego floating away with all the lights flickering. Focusing on the hull she could see Borg crawling across the Diego’s skin, seeking ports they could force open.

She set the transmitter to full power and sent out a general distress on all frequencies. Immediately the asteroid was violently buffeted as weapons from an unseen ship blasted the transmitter array off the surface of the rock.

Andrea looked at her phaser, trying to decide if she should shoot herself now, or try to blow up the Borg when they broke through her makeshift wall. Already dust was starting to fall from where the Borg were blasting through from the other side.

She moved all the furniture in front of the tunnel, then burned away the connections to the comm. Tower, and pushed it out in front of her as well. She set her weapon to overload strength and waited for the first Borg to come through.

A blackened fist punched through the wall, withdrew, then broke through again. Andrea waited until there was enough of the body visible, then fired into the hole. Her new setting blasted into the Borg, and she could feel the phaser melting in her hand.

She fired again and again until the weapon was vibrating in her gloves, then she threw it through the breach. Part of the ceiling caved in near her as a blinding blue flash engulfed the tunnel.

As her eyes strained against the absolute blackness of the remainder of the tunnel, she saw a tiny green light floating toward her. She saw the outline of a sensor mounted into the head of human skull, saw a targeting laser sweep across her.

Andrea Petros broke the seal on her own helmet, allowing the air to flow out. Instantly her lungs screamed and tried to escape her ribcage as her eyes began bulging out of her head. There was a final thump from her eardrums, then she heard nothing. Her heart was pounding like she was being slammed in her chest by a pile driver.

Something bit her cheek, and fire began to spread across her face. She felt arms holding her head, felt her eyes returning to her skull. A dry, cold mouth pressed over hers and blew air into her lungs.

A thousand voices whispered, “We will save you. You are one of us. We are going to save you.” She struggled against the voices in her head and the mouth on her face, but she had no strength left in her. “We will add your distinctiveness to our own, we will give you the strength to endure. We will survive and learn all of your secrets.”

She shook her head as she screamed at the voices. The voices replied to the silent scream, “Resistance is futile. You will adapt to service us.”

“No,” she thought, but she was already slipping into the crowd of a million minds. She was traveling across the galaxy, seeing planets devoid of colors except slime green and rust brown, sickly green light flickering to reveal white flesh trapped in the hoses and armor of the Borg.

Faster she traveled, into a hellish maelstrom of color, then through the hell-clouds and towards a complex so massive it defied all words, and yet it wasn’t finished. She could see the great artificial world sprawling out like a spider web, ever growing.

“We all love you. We are your family now. We will protect you, and you will die for us.” She flew into the terrible place, twisting through corridors and up lift shafts until at last she stood before a detached head, scores of hoses attached to where her shoulders should have been, skin stretched tight over an artificial skull. “Tell me all you know, little drone.”

“Enemy,” she thought to the creature.

“No, I am your mother. I am your father, and brothers, sisters and lovers. I am everything to you, for I am we. We will learn all you know, and teach you all you will ever learn.”

Andrea flew into the eye of the creature, and everything went black.

She threw a punch, and it connected. Immediately she tried to roll to her side, but she had been placed up, on a table or bed. She felt herself hit the ground as she forced herself to stand.

“Miss Petros, stand down.” She felt something grab her arm and she pushed it away. She noted, even in her panic, that whatever she pushed away was very light, or she was insanely strong.

“Where am I?” Andrea screamed as she felt a wall on her back. “Tell me!”

“You are in San Fransico, in the bay. We have separated you from the collective, and are removing the Borg technology.” The voice sounded weak, and from far away. She could hear several other people running toward her.

“Why can’t I see?” Several strong arms grabbed her and something electric shocked the back of her neck. “Why… can’t I see?”

“We are working as fast as possible. Please rest now. I promise you, you will see soon.”

“That voice. Are you an EMH?”

“No, Miss Petros. I am THE EMH.”

The Shock to her neck finally pulled her back into the black void.

“No!” Her hands shot out in front of her. Bandages of all shapes and sizes crossed her arms and hands. She felt her head, and the lack of hair on it. She was cold; she felt she should be able to see her breath. Her eyes hurt, like she had been reading technical manuals for a week. Even in the twilight of the room seemed too bright.

“Computer, increase temperature twenty degrees.” She said.

“Computer,” A voice said from the darkness. She twisted around to see a man of average height. His face was thin, almost gaunt, but even in the darkness she could make out muscles under his uniform. “Increase temperature ten degrees, and make me an ice tea, five degrees centigrade.”

“Where am I? What happened… how long…?”

“Slowly, Lieutenant. San Francisco, you were assimilated by the Borg, for about sixteen hours.”

“I don’t remember anything.”

“That is apparently common with short-term abductions. We have purged your body of all Borg technology, save some nano-probes in your lymphatic system.”

“Why did it take you so long to find us?” Tears ran down her cheek, and they burned a little. Shivering, she pulled the bed’s blanket as tight as she could around her.

“This is going to be hard for you to hear. Just know that you may have saved the Federation from invasion. You will hate me, but I did what I had to do.”

As the man put another blanket on her, he whispered softly into her ear, “We were always there.”
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Fan fic.

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“You left us to die.”

“Lieutenant, you must understand.”

“I understand my helmsman cooked into his console.” She got onto her feet, her legs felt weak, but there was a fire burning through her. “I understand you were willing to sacrifice one hundred and thirty people…”

“To save billions, maybe even trillions of lives.”

She made her way around the bed. “For the greater good.”

“Yes! Yes exactly!” As he spoke she shoved him back against the close wall at the head of the bed. His momentum bounced him off the wall, and she grabbed him by the arm, using his own inertia to force his body into a forward fall, which she leaned into and forced his fall into the adjacent wall.

He hit face first, tried to recover as he bounced off that wall, but not before she grabbed his other arm and threw him into and over the table next to her bed.

“All you Black Ops ever talk about is the greater good. Kill one that a thousand may live, kill a hundred and save the galaxy! The greater good is nothing but the lesser evil, and you killed my ship for it!”

“Please, Lieutenant Petros.”

“Shut up, save your speech. I’m not buying.”

A hologram formed in the center of the room. “Please state the… Oh my God! This is San Francisco, not the Klingon Homeworld! Get out of here, Mr. Smith, and stay out until I deem her ready for debriefing!”

“Doctor,” he smiled, “With all due respect…”

“Computer, enact EMH Protocol Three.”

“Doctor, please!” And then the man dematerialized.

“Miss Petros, please return to your bed.”

“I think I’m done being told what to do today.”

“I can see you're upset,” the Doctor said with concern in his voice and on his face, “But I’ve already established a force field around this room, and will flood it with anestisine…”

“Please,” she said, burning tears swelling out of her eyes, “Don’t make me sleep.”

“Alright, return to your bed, I won’t force sleep, but you must rest.”

He guided her back to her bed, Andrea having expended her rage on the evil little man in the Starfleet uniform began to feel the price she was going to pay.

“I did extensive surgery on you today. Hold still while I scan you.”

“Doctor, have you treated anyone else today?”

“A great many, from bumps and bruises to a heart and lung replacement.”

“Allen Skagg?”

“Oh yes. No! No, not the major surgery,” he added quickly as she became alarmed, “Mister Skagg had some contusions, nothing more. You were my big operation for the day, truth be told.”

“Why you, Doctor?”

“I see you have forgotten our conversation after you threw me across the room. I’m quite well, thank you.” He looked sternly at her before smiling dryly and continuing. “I was the only Doctor on Voyager for seven years, and have had more experience with the Borg than any doctor, Flesh or Light, in the entire Alpha Quadrant.” He finished with his tricorder and sat down beside her bed. “You will be fine, provided you don’t kill anyone before morning.”

“No promises.”

“You Cyborgs are all alike.” He said with a dry smile. “Now, what shall we do, hmm? I hear the Vulcan Championship team is playing the Andorians on Risa.”

“Wow, I forgot all about that. You think they’ll let us watch?” She nodded to the ceiling.

“I certainly hope so. I have money on this game. Computer, show us the Sector Soccer Championship on Risa.”

There was a brief pause before the center of the room produced a floating screen. A huge arena housed millions of screaming fans of all races as the announcers, Andorian, Vulcan, and Human, were discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the teams in question.

She looked at him, trying to get the look of a child on Christmas Eve. “Seats?”

“I said you needed to rest. Seats wouldn’t be that restful.”

She continued to look at him.

“I am a computer projection. I am beyond such human emotional prodding.”

Andrea and the Doctor watched the game from box seats, eating popcorn and drinking a Risan beverage called Coolie.

After the game was over the Doctor sat by her bed and talked with her, things which those watching her would have found inconsequential. Then when she was tired of talking, he sang, he seemed to know every song ever written. He sang with a softer and softer voice, until she finally drifted off, and continued singing for the remainder of the evening.

She dreamt of smoke and fire, asteroids and hellish green beams of death, flying across damned worlds and into the mouth of hell itself. She watched it all with detachment, hearing the Doctor’s voice with her in the dreamworld.

When she woke the Doctor was gone. The evil little man had returned, armed with a hand phaser.

She laughed at him even though her eyes showed just how much rage she still had to give.

“You were right.” He said. “Your ship pulled a Borg Sphere out of a Transwarp conduit.”

“Too bad I can’t prove it.”

“But you did. I took the probe you launched into the field near L9. I have all the data your ship collected from that moment until you launched the probe. I have the data you sent to Starfleet regarding your phased attack.”

“What I don’t have, Miss Petros, is the destination of the second stream of data you sent to Earth.”

“It must be hard, for a man like you, not to know something.”

“Honestly, it’s usually harder on the person that knows. You broke protocol.”

“I was being jammed, I sent a second stream to guarantee my report would reach someone on Earth.”

“But who would… Ah. Miss Hansen, of course. No wonder I couldn’t find a data transcript.”

“The Daystrom institute has Top Secret Clearance when dealing with Borg information.”

“I hope, for your sake, you continue to have the right answers Lieutenant. We are a long way from getting out of this mess."

He turned and walked out the door. “Get cleaned up. We have a great deal to talk about.”

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