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This thread will cover the entire Nimbus story arc, Nimbus Dailies, and Nimbus open world missions. Please leave all bugs, feedback, comments, and concerns here.

This content is only available to players in the Legacy of Romulus Closed beta.
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05-07-2013, 05:12 PM
Reserved for posting when tribble comes back up

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05-08-2013, 12:28 AM
Arrivial on my Level 50 Fed Engineer and the cutscene had me walk into the fort (to me, a slow casual walk than fast-walk would be better). And before the cut scene ended the writing "Paradise Lost" didn't pop on screen until the last second.

Talking to Jones, after talking dialogue talking about Hakeev appeared. How do we know who Hakeev is before the Romulan Featured Event?


Nimbus Dancing Contest Accolade - Haha, but not sure how I got it in the first place.

EDIT: Found that it glitched and someone else doing it, you get credit. Was pretty fun, though 20 hour cooldown.

* That platform, north of the ship would make an interesting accolade point.

Where is the "Tower of Nimbus?" Climbed all over the city and only found the watchtower and the bar ones.

Engine Accolade: Not Achievable - Kept running into invisbile walls and falling down holes under the world.

Ship Accolade: Not Achievable - kept running into invisible walls

Ruin Accolade - Invisible walls, unable to climb on the buildings.

After 3 hours of trying to find these, I gave up. Very frustrating.


Getting accolades and participating in events that you no nothing of.

Hole under the ship wreckage in the North that clips under the world.

Stuck between the tower and the top of the bar in Paradise City.

Problems / Suggestions:

BOFFS get stuck and lost a lot on Nimbus. Please add a "Transport BOFFS to my Location" function. (Which could be useful in other situations like in Foundry Missions).

Bartender doesn't allow you to sell, and the drinks that he sells are supposed to be hard-to-get. For example:

Tranya - supposed to be Rare Drop or gotten via the El Aurian Bartender (Very Rare Mission), you selling for 20 EC

Blood Wine - Uncommon drop, or bought on Qo'nos for far more than 20 EC. Also able to get with a Rare or Very Rare Klingon Bartender DOFF.

So not fair to those who spent time earning those DOFFS. And doesn't hurt for you guys to actually create new drinks.

Mission Summary:

Blind men Tell No Tales: You know about Hakeev and then later in the Wasteland Arc you have no Idea who he is. Basically it was go here-kill. There were some cute parts like buying rounds for everyone in the bar, but really it was very weak storywise.

The Undying: Absolutely does not make sense that you fight your way to Hassan's place then they let you in like nothing happened.

Add one or two manned turrets NPCs for the Orion Fort to make it feel more defensive.

The Bar, it's funny this is more of a bar than all the time wasted revamping Drozana. I can't phathom the enviromental team put so much effort to make a convincing Bar and do a very poor job with the new Drozana.

The Collesium Fight was okay, but you need to add cheering and jeering in the background to add ambiance. More Traps being activated with each round, like the fire pit, would really add to the challenge. (BTW, Hassan almost immediately fell into the fire pit and got stuck. I went after him, dieing in the process since he wasn't getting injured.).

Bar Fight was interesting but have no idea why half the bar would be shooting at one another. After all, isn't it a Orion Syndicate base, not a bar downtown, where gang fights happen?

Space Fight........I have no idea why I was helping those other ships or why the Orions were attacking them.

Fist Full of Gorn: Nice classic western motiff at the start. But why were we cutting the same cables multiple times? And why were the wires running away from the Satelite dishes that we were supposed to be connected to them?

BTW, BOFFs really get stuck in this area. Hence, the above request.

Installation 18: This the "hiding in plain site thing" for a secret base?

And for a Tal Shiar base, we get in awfully easy. The Front Door was effectively unlocked (which is even odder given the unlawfulness of the world we are on) and unguarded.

Design was interesting and we finally get to see the Elachi and it ends up being the clicking aliens that abducted Riker in TNG. Though was thinking Dewans since they looked more like the STO Elachi than the clicker Aliens. Kind of hard to link the two outside of aductions with the TNG and Enterprise having two different methods.

And rescuing Slamek.... yay. Just funny that we magically don't remember him again in Colliseum (character-wise). Or playing as a Romulan, not remembering him from Crateris.

BTW, BOFFS having the Romulan Bridge background in dialogues.

Summary: All in all, I like how Nimbus felt more like classic sandbox, and you taking some of the queues with Holocron finding from TOR in finding accolades. Which is fun, but you actually have to have those accolades more intuitive to find.

Storyline is bland, really doesn't fit in. It obviously was tailored for Romulans and last-minute thrown together and shoe-horned for Federation and Klingon players to feel like they weren't left out of the expansion. There are so many plot holes like storyline continuity with Hakeev and Slamek, and no real explaination with the Orions other than "we got the goodz". So it makes this arc terribly implemented.

IMHO, I would delay launch of LoR to fix these flaws. Because it really felt it was just slapped together at the last moment than a coherant part of the STO storyline.

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05-08-2013, 09:48 AM
The chain of mission is odd, it has a definitive Firefly /Borderlands theme but the missions on fed side seems assume I am a Romulan.

In the Bar my tactical officer (a Caitian btw.) suddenly assumed he is Tovan Khev and asked for his sister.

The Orion pirates seem to have no problems with Starfleet officers, wearing Starfleet uniforms walking into their little den. After the arena fight there is no option to free the prisoners (which would any starfleet officer make his/her top priority). I would also recommend to make "Law" a security officer, which is much more appropriate then a projectile weapon officer.

Then inside the Tal Shiar my science officer talks about the Elachi they have seen a few times since Virinat, which is correct for the Romulan mission chain, but not for the Starfleet missions. Also as a reward I get an uncommon singularity warp core which only romulan vessels can use, so please change the reward into an M/AM core. At least my Caitian is now happy to have his "sister" back despite not even being of the same species. I think I will have to send him off to a mental facility soon.


We were also promised we would be able to blow up the planet...

Aunt Edith again:
I don't think a Nimbus Pirate distress call is what any Starfleet officer should be using.

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05-08-2013, 09:59 AM
agreed on the part of getting into the base.

It's the courtyard that has me a little baffled. There are an Orion task giver and a heavy nausican present. this along with the spawn times makes that part of the mission kind of hard.

and secondly, why is that the same Nausican has an explosive that can drop me in one go, much like a Tholian?and what is it with that Orion lunge? the guy also drops me in two or three tries.
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05-08-2013, 11:38 AM
When I signaled Law in the first mission, the game crashed. Several seconds later, the Cryptic error tool crashed as well.

I don't think the last bit had anything to do with anything, but it was amusing enough to warrant a mention.

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08-30-2013, 04:36 PM
If you'll remember, the last console in "A Fistful of Gorn", unlocks the sattelite doors.
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05-08-2013, 09:42 AM
For non- Warbird pilots any chance on changing the sing core to a WC as reward for last quest in chain?

And yes I realize the sing core is boaccount but not everyone's gonna play an elf.
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05-10-2013, 06:51 AM
NPC/Boff pathing needs to be improved in the Undying. It's really frustrating to have half your crew stuck by the respawn node instead of actually able to follow you and help you fight through the bar fight. It is sporadic at least :/.
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05-10-2013, 01:41 PM
so far so good

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