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I've been playing the beta and over all having a good time. Yes, there are bugs, but it is still in beta so I can understand.

Now, to my point, when playing missions in Open team, where you join up with a group that is already doing the mission a few things go on that should be addressed. If a part of the mission is already completed, then that part of the mission already should be done for me when I join. I realize that doesn't make sense to come in mid mission not knowing what happened before, but if there is nothing I can do about it, why should I need to know? Just show me the next part of the mission dialog.

Enemies in open team mission, again, if part of the mission is already done, please don't respawn enemies on my behalf... it is confusing to everyone on the team. They and I think we can do whatever in peace (scan, beam, whatever)... then there are guys spawning everywhere. So, you have to go back to killing guys again... while other guys are doing the next part of the mission... it's just confusing. Also, if the guys are supposed to die once, don't let them respawn... it seemed in one mission that we would kill the guys and by the time we were done they had another batch respawn (wait for the next instance to come up, unless it was designed to have guys continue to spawn for 20 min)

Hailing in battle... I get it, something is going on... someone finished part of the mission we can warp to the next part, but I am in the middle of a ship fight (which you lose control over you ship when the hailing occurs). If I cancel the hail, put it off to the side for me to review... please don't have it pop back up again and again.

If someone is ahead of me in the mission (next sector warped to), please don't send me the instruction hail yet. If there is a system that you need to warp to and I am still in the previous system, I get a hail that doesn't make sense (scan 5 things in the system... which system? The one I am in? I realized it for was for the other system, so I didn't waste my time scanning.

Most of this occurred to me in the Hide and Seek mission. Hopefully, other missions aren't like this, but just in case they are I wanted you to be aware.

Thanks for the sweet game.

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