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When you have a small or big/tall character and put then into an EVO suit they grow or shrink, depending on their size.

You may call me a fool, but I don't like it. The missions I have done in EVO suits are ok, I really like them, but I have to play them with somebody elses character. That is how it feels.

I can understand that the designers have to take some considerations, because with the alien race you can make the most freaking creatures, but I have aliens that look like humans but are only 1.50 meter high (a dwarf race, created by myself). I also have a Gorn and he is 2.48. Now this is a standard game race, yet in an EVO suit he is about the same size as a normal human.
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05-12-2013, 07:48 AM
Some EVA suits work right on the Gorn, and some don't. Seems they have to be individually tweaked by the artist and the artist forgot a few.

(Hey, some of us might want to put our Gorn diplomacy boff in that Federation Combat Enviro Suit )

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