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Hi all,

I am sure other people have this issue as well.

Sometimes in space combat when i click the mouse for a ship selection it selects a ship much further away...and in a completely different direction. I did notice that if i let the camera spin to find it it returns to normal operation.

I did notice that this has only occoured for me when 2+ groups of enemies are close enough to have their indicators combined (i.e. enemies 2 and enemies 3 make an enemies 5 group) BUT they have not combined until the camera spins onto them. The selection area of 1/both of these groups appears to cover the whole screen instead.

Anyone else notice this?
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# 2
01-19-2010, 05:45 AM
I'm having this same issue with targeting as well as others, i was about to post it, when i noticed this pop up.

My issues are numerous with targeting. (Thread Hi-jack)

1. in space i can't target another player so long as there are enemy in space by using the mouse, it flicks to an enemy straight away, and this can be a random one as well.

2. i can't click targets very well in space, sometimes i end up double clicking to no avail. Most times i cycle through with TAB.

3. There is no clear sign in space that you have targeted a different enemy the shade of colour change is very imperseptable. A complete colour change would be handy there, instead of beige to light beige, a more complete change from say white to red would have been better. (Does anyone know if this can be changed in settings)

4. Ground targeting seems to suffer the same thing for clicking, i just can't click on a target well enough to manage it and end up cycling through targets with TAB.

Sorry for hi-jacking but i thought i would add here instead of creating a new thread.
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# 3
01-19-2010, 06:11 AM
Awooga Awoga...hijack alert....hide all the toffee crisp..

i haven't hade any issues with ground targets though.
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# 4
01-19-2010, 06:19 AM
Same here. Targeting seems almost entirely random!

Clicking on a target with the mouse is VERY difficult. Sometimes it works but usually as soon as you target something, it immediately un-targets itself and then targets something else (something not in weapons range).

Occasionally this causes major problems because e.g. there is a nearly dead ship but I can't target it to finish it off!

Maybe it is the Line Of Sight mechanic is messing up the targeting?

Sometimes I can only shoot a ship if it's within my field of view but that can't be right. Because I can have a ship chasing me from behind and I can shoot it with my rear gun(s) even though I can't "see" it on screen.
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# 5
01-19-2010, 07:54 AM
Have same problems - I also wrote on feedback Controls and UI about the responsiveness for ground combat. Somehow all targetting and movement seems to be connected to teh animation system, not sure thogh but it seems like. So what you end up with is a feeling of syroup and lag in movement and targetting.

It kind of "waits" for animations to finnish off and then doing targets and other movement - it shoulkd "feel" the otherway around. First steering / targetting and then try to matup te animations to that. Same procedure like in Soccer (football), basketball, martial arts games, ect - all ganmes where you need to target do your thing fast and responsively.

Hopefully they will fix this. But my gut feeling is telling me that its the same animation system like for their other games - which imho is not good steering and keyboard input system. They need to take a look at other ganes who really have won the market by the responsiveness and that is World of ********. also other games like GTA and similar have same responsiveness too targetting and steering.

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