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Hi all

(I posted it in the wrong forum, so I'm reposting here - which is obviously the right one...)

This has been asked quite a few times, but I have not been able to get an answer that satisfied me - so I'm asking it again...

I am about to buy my first ZEN ship - an Escort.
I'm a Tactical captain. My flying style is, i guess a mix of a damage and tanking escort, - full cannon build, fly in close, shooting and kicking, without any regard for my ships "well-being" - only using my healing abilities to stay alive, retreating only when I actually caught on that I'm about to die (I usually don't... and simply blow up... )

I currently fly an advanced escort, and considering which of the T5 escorts to take:

MVAE: basically what I'm flying now, and what I'm considering as the top option
- love the looks,
- the boff set is inferior to the advance escort (Lt.cmdr Tac is better IMO) - this can be addressed by using the Adv.Escort hull, but the fleet MVAE has the Lt.cmdr sci (which is what I'm aiming for when our SB gets to T4 shipyard)
- AFAIK, the separation pets are ok, but not amazing

HEC: the relatively new comer
- I do love the Akira looks,
- again, trading the Lt.cmdr Tac for an Eng one - inferior IMO
- I have access to UR scorpions, which I understand, are awesome
- the Torpedo PD console is nice
- Fleet HEC requires T5 shipyard - our SB is about a week away from T4, and I don't know how long it will take us to get to T5...

TER: the old and true
- Least appealing looks, but still good
- Best boff set, with Lt.cmdr Tac
- The cloak looks useless to me, since it's not a battle cloak - aside from first strike DMG bonus (I know it's good for PvP, but I'm not a PvP guy so...)
- The fleet TER has the least hull points and the lowest shield modifier (though I already has access to it ? T3 shipyard)

Maneuverability is important to me - but these ships' maneuverability is very close (15-16-17 degrees per sec) ? is the 1 deg difference significant*?
*(bare in mind I'm comparing the other ships to the MVAE, with 16)

How good is the Torpedo PD?
How good the fighter pets actually are? And the MVAE pets?
Does the cloak offers benefits I don't realize?
And the most important questions ? WHICH ONE SHOULD I TAKE?!

Thank you all
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05-29-2013, 04:44 AM
I fly the Defiant, and I love it. I did swap out the cloak for another console though, as it really should be a battlecloak if it's going to take up a console slot IMO. But it doesn't strictly speaking need a cloak, and it's more useful for PVP which as you don't do that, makes its utility dubious. Another factor for consideration is the fleet Defiant has 5 tactical consoles, and you should have it available now if your fleet is a week away from T4.

But, my honest advice - I love the Defiant, I have always loved its looks and that's more than half the reason I fly it. I even use the quad phasers purely for lore/RP reasons. On the other hand I don't particularly like the Prometheus (thing looks like a flying garden trowel lol). But if you already fly that ship, and you love the aesthetics, why not simply upgrade to the C-store version and get the fleet module discount for when your fleet hits T4 next week? Because honestly once you get to the endgame ships, many of which are viable, it really comes down to taste.
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05-29-2013, 04:46 AM
Originally Posted by centurion47 View Post
I am about to buy my first ZEN ship - an Escort.
I'm a Tactical captain. My flying style is, i guess a mix of a damage and tanking escort, - full cannon build, fly in close, shooting and kicking, without any regard for my ships "well-being" - only using my healing abilities to stay alive, retreating only when I actually caught on that I'm about to die (I usually don't... and simply blow up... )

based on the description of your flying style I'd say go with the HEC. Back when i decided on my first Zen ship i might have written the same description of mine and i wound up getting th HEC and never regretting it one bit.

It certainly is the tankiest one of the 3, the LTC eng gives you enough room to slot Aux2SIF 2 for a nice instant heal besides 2 Emergency powers. Or even allows for more exotic builds like Aux2Bat ...

The tactical seating is still enough to have 2 copies of your cannon skill, Attack Patterns Beta and Omega (for damage and tractor defense), the obligatory Tactical Team as well as up to 2 Torp Skills / Beam Overloads. (and of course the possibility of seating up to 3 romulan tac boffs for up fo 6% CritH)

The Torp defense is nice as well, comparable to something like a 360? Photon Torp Spread V you can use without even mounting a torp. Has helped me save the optional on a number of Infected runs when timed right, but by now i have replaced it with Rep / Embassy consoles on most chars. Still i don't think it's less useful than any of the other 2.

On top of all that you get the hangar with the ability to launch up to 6 fighters to aid in your attack. Great motivator to grind your Romulan rep to T5 for the Elite Scorpion Fighters (yes, they are worth it ).

While i have not gotten the chance to fly the other 2 yet I'm pretty sure you can't go wrong with the HEC: able to dish out heaps of damage and survive.

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05-29-2013, 11:03 AM
Thanks a lot guys!
You have been very helpful!

You actually helped me "zero-in" on my initial choice - the MVAE, but will defiantly get all 3 eventually.

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05-29-2013, 11:30 AM
I use the MVAE and a Mirror Fleet Escort.

My escort lacks a hold, but can break tractor beams and have a bit more defense, my MVAE can gravity well.

I like em both, I trade the gear back and forth depending on mood.
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05-29-2013, 04:07 PM
As an MVAE user, just note that the MVA mode is... tricky. For one thing, you do get to choose which of the three parts you fly, all of which have different bonuses, but the one you pick has a probably-too-long ten-minute recharge, while the parts you didn't fly have four-minute ones, that only start cool-down after you recombine. They also make you more fragile (but easily Defiant-fast, agility-wise), and the other two parts especially are susceptible to being caught in ship explosions.

However, having Gravity Well on an escort is pretty fun. I've had it a while though, and I'm similarly trying to decide between a new shiny Armitage or Defiant.
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05-30-2013, 03:30 AM
I'm considering the MVAE too, and if thinking of using the MV-mode console, bear in mind that you can use it not only on the (Fleet) Advanced Escort, but also on the Mirror Universe Patrol Escort. That would allow you to multivector your ltc tac, I believe, and on the cheap, too. You basically get a lot of options in addition to the c-store version.

I don't know, though, I'm still on the fence, choosing between MVAE and Defiant.
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06-04-2013, 02:55 AM
I haven't flown the MVAE mainly because I don't like the looks nor the multi-vector mode with the current setup for Pet AI's, so I can't give an opinion about it.

However, the other two, I do own and fly. (Like you, I am waiting for my Fleet to get a T5 shipyard from the Fleet HEC.) They both have their strong and weak points.

The TER (read: Defiant) is a decent ship despite having the lower HP. The spike DPS from using the cloak in an Alpha Strike manner is usually good enough to drop the shield facing, allowing your weapons to beat on the hull much quicker. And it is a Universal console for the TER and Galaxy-X.

The HEC is a bigger ship and able to soak up a bit more damage. And the fighters can be a major advantage, especially the Elite Scorpions as their AI seems to be a bit better than the rest (they usually try to avoid the Core breaches and Singularity implosions). Only down side to this ship is that once you fire off the TPDS, you WILL Insta-Aggro everything you hit. At least that has been my experience with it.

But, the decision will eventually be your as you'll need to decide which of the three more suits your playing style.

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